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  • Dec132022
    Linx 8900 and Linx 8800

    Two CIJ Printer Recommendation for Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership

    In the modern industrial era, companies need printer equipment that will help them to give a code or label for…

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  • Apr122022
    Linx CIJ 8900 printing on glass bottle

    Key Components Of New Linx 8900 CIJ: Efficiency is Yours!

    Since 1950, many industries have used CIJ printers to code their products. According to most manufacturers, this type of inkjet…

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  • Jan272022
    Linx 8900 in action

    Here’s How Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer Works

    A continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) system is used to print variable information on individual items as they move down the…

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  • Jan052022
    four cosmetic bottles with batch code

    Is an Inkjet Printer The Best Choice for My Cosmetics Company’s Bottle Code Marking?

    Packaging for personal care and cosmetic products comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs. Metal aerosol cans, speciality…

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  • Dec022021
    User-Friendly Touch Screen Operation

    Linx Batch Coding Machine: Features and Benefits

    Why Linx Best Batch Coding Machine is Better If you’re in a hunt for the best batch coding machine, you…

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  • Oct172021

    Linx 8900 Series: High-Performance Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles

    The Right Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles Food and beverages are known to have controlled temperatures in order to keep…

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  • Oct112021
    LX3529 is versatile means able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions

    Why Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer Is the Solution for Batch Printing

    How Does Continuous Inkjet Printer Work in Batch Printing? Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer works automatically. Batch printing machines are often…

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  • Oct042021
    some products like glass, can, box with expire date mark

    Variants Continuous Inkjet Printer To Batch Coding For Multiline Packaging

    Which Batch Coding Variant is Best for Your Packaging? There are a lot of batch coding machine that can print…

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