Why Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer Is the Solution for Batch Printing

Why Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer Is the Solution for Batch Printing
October 11, 2021 Macklin Tan
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LX3529 is versatile means able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions

How Does Continuous Inkjet Printer Work in Batch Printing?

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer works automatically. Batch printing machines are often differentiate with how they need to be handled, whether they need to be handheld, fed, or they work independently. A CIJ works automatically with no operator needed most of the time.

A CIJ printer only needs you to set up the batch codes set then it will figure out the rest. In terms of speed of the production, a CIJ can be set up to a high speed, as it is the best known benefits of having a CIJ printer especially in a large scale production manufacturing.

CIJ Printer from Linx

three products from link marking and coding printer

Linx Company has many printing machines with CIJ printer and laser coder as the most popular machines in the market. Linx continuous inkjet printer, the linx 8900, has the right IP (55 and 65) to withstand wet or dusty environment. If your company has harsh condition for printers, continuous inkjet printer machine from Linx might be your best choice.

What are the Key Benefits of Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer?

There are a lot of aspects why Linx continuous inkjet printer is being as popular as it is. The reasons mainly come from the aspects listed below.

1. Performance

showing performance setting on linx 8900

Linx continuous printer has high print speeds. For the sake of efficiency both cost and time efficiency, manufacturing process is often set in high speed in every step of the production process. Linx CIJ can keep up with it however fast you want it. 

High speed would be nigh if there are a lot of down-time for the batch printing machine during production. Linx products, however, needs minimal to almost no intervention from operator or even no service seeing as Linx printer can work up to 18 months with no service. Even when it needs service, it has a self-service feature requiring you to only put the kit in the provided slot while the machine does the work itself.

Linx CIJ is also user friendly. It has responsive screen and step by step guide for your operator to set it up. The screen is protected by dust or wet condition, yet it is sensitive to human touch that even if you wear gloves. The machine will recognize it and input it as your operator intends to.

From the point of cabinet and ink system, Linx CIJ has a system monitoring that recorded the output measurement. This will ease your control over your production. What’s more, you can download it easily through a USB stick in order to take the data from the machine. 

The ink for the machines last very long too. When the cartridges are fully depleted, the machine has a reserve ink and solvent volume that keep your machine at work up to 12 hours while your operator can find the ink cartridge replacement.

How long does long means in the ink department of the machine? For dye based inks, the machine can take up to 24 months between module changing. While on soft pigmented inks, it can take up to 12 months before the need of module changing.

2. Ease of Use

showing user interface linx 8900, very ease of use

The Linx continuous inkjet printer is quick to start up. While other machines may take a while before it can function, this is not the case for Linx CIJ printer.

As the body of Linx CIJ is rated as IP55, the machine is fairly easy to clean. The stainless steel doesn’t catch many substrates while working nor does it have any dust-trap that can make it store dust somewhere you don’t know.

On user interface, the 10 inch home screen is icon-driven. You can also customize it based on your set up priority. Inspired by smartphone touch screen, it has colors instead of monochrome screen like the old times. 

Mistakes in the ink and cartridges are also slim to none. You don’t have to peel off a lid or taking off a cap to refill the tank, you just need to replace the old ink tube with the newest one and the machine will do the rest of the work.

3. Reliability

printhead of linx continuous inkjet printer

The print head in Linx CIJ batch printing has an auto flush system, cleaning it systematically without any interference from any operator or mechanic. This will greatly benefit your time efficiency. 

On user interface, editing is mistake free as there is a message update button for you to control it. The use itself is restricted as only people who have the passwords would have access on it. Moreover, it has auto power off to save you from unnecessary bill for the company.

All in All

Linx for batch printing is proven suitable and sustainable. It has great performance with high speed with mistake free editing. The user-interface is friendly and easy to use. Moreover, the ink can hold for a long time before it needs to be replaced. Linx Continuous Inkjet printer should be your choice for your production coding and marking solutions.

If indeed you do not believe in the toughness of the machines that we have, We offers you to try the machine within a month with a cost calculation that we have calculated from the beginning whether it is in accordance with what is in the field. If so, what are your reasons for not buying it? Request Demo Now

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