Two CIJ Printer Recommendation for Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership

Two CIJ Printer Recommendation for Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership
December 13, 2022 Macklin Tan
In Continuous Inkjet Printer
Linx 8900 and Linx 8800

In the modern industrial era, companies need printer equipment that will help them to give a code or label for their products. There are two CIJ printer recommendations for reducing maintenance costs that have great quality and function. This type of printer will increase productivity and help the company to make better packaging with clear labels. 

What is the Maintenance Cost? 

Before you purchase printer equipment for the company, it will be best if you consider many aspects. One of them is the total cost of ownership, or TCO. When you calculate TCO, you will find many elements, like maintenance costs. 

Let’s focus on maintenance costs because they have a big impact on your TCO. A product’s maintenance cost is the amount that you need to pay to maintain the function of a product. It’s the cost of maintaining your printer, so it will perform well and work as intended. 

In this case, we are talking about the CIJ printer. Here are some kinds of maintenance costs that you will need for this equipment: 

  • Service costs when the equipment is broken. 
  • The cost of service agreements. 
  • Travel to site for service engineers. 
  • It costs money to clean up if the printer fluid is spilled in the production environment. 

When you use printer equipment, you have a responsibility to spend more money on its maintenance. Especially when this equipment will be used regularly, preferably every day. It needs the right maintenance method so it can perform as well as its function. 

Benefits of Reducing Maintenance Cost

As we know, maintenance costs are taken from the company’s money. Clearly, it would be better if this kind of cost were minimized. If you’re reducing the maintenance cost, then you can save more money, and it’s a benefit for the company. 

The lower the maintenance cost, the more money you can save for the company. That’s why you have to think wisely and choose the right strategy to reduce maintenance costs. One of the most important things you can do to reduce this cost is by choosing the right product. 

In this case, you have to choose the right inkjet printer. There will be a CIJ printer recommendation for reducing maintenance costs in this article. It will help you a lot to save more on maintenance costs because the quality is very good. 

CIJ printers are designed for the best performance. The great quality of this product will make it perform well for a long time. It has a minimal broken possibility, and you don’t need to spend more money to fix it. 

The creator of CIJ said, “Buy now, don’t pay later. ” It means you don’t need to spend much money after buying the products. There is no hidden cost in the future. All you need to do is use the product as you need it. 

The Printer Recommendation

You can find an inkjet printer easily nowadays. But, not all of them will give you the best quality. Not all inkjet printers have a low maintenance cost. That’s why you need to pay attention to these two products. 

Here is the CIJ printer recommendation for reducing maintenance costs: 

-LINX 8830

Advantage Linx 8830

The first printer is the LINX 8830. This is a new product that costs US $450-$5500. It will increase production line output effectively. This printer will deliver the result with consistency. It’s an error-free date and batch codes, so you can work faster than ever. 

This printer is not only designed to reduce your maintenance costs. It also has a very easy-to-use feature. You will find that it’s very easy to use and control. That’s why productivity will increase significantly with this equipment. 

The LINX 8830 also has a large range of ink types and colors. It will help you to print the label and mark the product easily. It’s also very simple to insert text or logos into the messages. 

-LINX 8900

advantages linx 8900

The following CIJ printer recommendation for reducing maintenance costs is the LINX 8900. This is also one of the best inkjet printers that you should use for your company. Also, the LINX 8900 was mentioned as the easiest-to-use LINX printer on the market. It can be self-service and has minimal intervention, so it will definitely increase your production effectively. 

The LINK 8900 is very flexible in use. You can set the code to print up to 6 lines consisting of text, barcode, number, and logo. This printer is not only easy to use, but it also gives you an easy way to change the fluid cartridges. 

It has a date-freezing feature for every batch of printing. You can use it for 24/7 operations. There is a large range of ink types and colors, so you can print the code or label easily. 

Choose the right CIJ printer recommendation for reducing maintenance costs. Make sure that you pick the one that is suitable for your needs. LINX is a trustworthy brand of an inkjet printer that you can choose in this digital era. Their products are designed to reduce your total cost of ownership, especially maintenance costs.

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