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  • Feb082023
    illustration of what is batch code number

    What Is Batch Code Number And How To Create It?

    When shopping for a product, there are some things that you need to check, such as the expiration date, production…

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  • Feb082023
    scan code using phone - batch code checker

    Recommended Batch Code Checker Website

    A batch number or barcode is a series of numbers that are generated and associated with several similar products. Generally,…

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  • Dec132022
    Linx 8900 and Linx 8800

    Two CIJ Printer Recommendation for Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership

    In the modern industrial era, companies need printer equipment that will help them to give a code or label for…

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  • Sep072022
    a man controlling Linx CIJ printing process with computer

    Why Do Manufacturers Need Coding and Marking Printer in Order to Stay Up with Industry 4.0?

    The development of technology brings us to industry 4.0. As a factory of the future, this industry 4.0 pushes us…

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  • Apr292022
    With Linx products efficiency is built-in

    The Efficiencies Symbol: Essential Role of Speed in Coding and Marking

    Unlike standard printers, the speed of coding and marking printing like Link 8900 Series are not described in pages per…

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  • Apr212022
    Changing solvent on linx 8800

    5 Ways to maximize the efficiencies and durability of your coding and marking printers

    Do you have some ways to maximize the efficiencies and durability of your coding and marking printers? If so, have…

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  • Apr122022
    Linx CIJ 8900 printing on glass bottle

    Key Components Of New Linx 8900 CIJ: Efficiency is Yours!

    Since 1950, many industries have used CIJ printers to code their products. According to most manufacturers, this type of inkjet…

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  • Apr072022
    three products from link marking and coding printer

    Coding and Marking: Ways to Optimize Efficiencies in Every Kinds of Product

    Why Do Manufacturers Need Coding and Marking to Optimize Efficiencies? Manufacturer has many employees, one of the divisions is the…

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  • Mar292022
    controlling Linx CIJ with smartphone

    Shaping Industry 4.0: Maximize Efficiency in Coding and Marking

    How to Shape the Maximum Efficiency in Coding and Marking in Industry 4.0?  Industry 4.0 is a term that becomes…

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  • Mar242022
    Quality, Efficency, and Speed improve but cost decline

    Methods of Maximum Efficiencies in Coding and Marking Upon Coding Automation

    How Will You Grant Efficiencies in Coding and Marking? Technology is one of the most developing realms in this world,…

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