Key Components Of New Linx 8900 CIJ: Efficiency is Yours!

Key Components Of New Linx 8900 CIJ: Efficiency is Yours!
April 12, 2022 Macklin Tan
In Continuous Inkjet Printer
Linx CIJ 8900 printing on glass bottle

Since 1950, many industries have used CIJ printers to code their products. According to most manufacturers, this type of inkjet printer is the best among other coding printers. 

However, even though the ‘best’ predicate attached to this type of inkjet printers, a number of problems such as jams while coding, ink errors, and expensive repairs still occur in a number of CIJ printers. Instead of being efficient, these problems become a production burden.

As you know, that production burden has potential to pause your business by preventing you in maximizing production. Knowing this, do you get dizzy thinking about what inkjet printer should be used?

No need to be dizzy! In order to maximize your production, the only one solution you need is a super-sophisticated and efficient inkjet printer. So, have you upgraded your inkjet printer yet? If you have not, it is better to look at the New Linx 8900 CIJ! 

Maximum Efficiency With The New Linx 8900 CIJ Printer

This inkjet printer offers you several key components that can bring maximum efficiency in your production. 

  • One-touch cartridge refills

Now, you can renew the ink by one-touch cartridge refills. This allows you to be mistake-free, with no mess and tools.

  • Industry-leading printhead

Has already been devised to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing line, this inkjet printer’s printhead is specialized for reliable and clean performance, with automatic cleaning for minimal printhead maintenance.

The Linx 8900, like other Linx printers, has been built with low maintenance and cleaning in mind, with the printhead requiring cleaning just once every three months.

  • Line stoppage reporting system

Furthermore, the Linx 8900 includes a unique new line stoppage reporting system that assists you in determining what is prompting the line to stop. Line stoppage reporting manually is now obsolete. 

Records can be retrieved for reporting needs, allowing you to reduce downtime by immediately recognizing patterns in production and implementing countermeasures or solutions that increase productivity. Furthermore, the Linx 8900 incorporates real-time reporting, which provides quick access to information on batch counts, line speed, and production rates on the huge touch screen.

  • User-friendly and configurable interfaces

Linx printers are recognized for their user-friendly interfaces, and so is the Linx 8900. The unit’s color touchscreen is the largest among the other coders, with a specifically developed interface for fast and accurate message setup.

Instead of scrolling through hierarchies of menus to access a hidden feature, the configurable interface lets the user set their frequently used functions at the top screen of the touchscreen interface. When it comes to message input, the interface is similarly developed with the operator in mind. Message field prompts assist the user by reminding them to input critical data in their codes, minimizing mistakes and time.

  • Built-in screensaver

The built-in screensaver provides crucial data at a glance, with a noticeable green or red output status indicating if performance is on time or behind schedule, assisting you in reaching your production amounts.

  • The rugged IP55 steel and Temperature Auto Adjust

The IP55 steel enclosure enables dependable performance in wash-down conditions, and the Temperature Auto Adjust feature ensures code quality and consistency regardless of the temperature range on your manufacturing line. Because of those components, this inkjet printer becomes appropriate for businesses of all sizes due to its degrees of personalization as well as its dependability.

  • Auto Flush

This inkjet printer offers you its self-service. It brings you minimal downtime. The Auto Flush system reduces manual printhead cleansing, solvent waste, and maintenance, resulting in rapid, clean commences every time – a feature which production lines of all sizes may benefit from.

  • Automated cleaning system

Because of its advanced automated cleaning system, the Linx 8900 can indeed be turned on at some point – even if the unit has been inactive for three months – without any need for laborious manual draining, cleaning, or setup processes. Everything is available at the touch of a button, and it is perfect for smaller businesses who close their lines during the holidays.

So, those are several key components of New Linx 8900 CIJ. Not only brings you ease of use, this whole inkjet printer also can help you in maximizing production’s efficiency.

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