Why Do Manufacturers Need Coding and Marking Printer in Order to Stay Up with Industry 4.0?

Why Do Manufacturers Need Coding and Marking Printer in Order to Stay Up with Industry 4.0?
September 7, 2022 Macklin Tan
In Coding and Marking Industry
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The development of technology brings us to industry 4.0. As a factory of the future, this industry 4.0 pushes us to think about technology in every aspect.

Including the fact that manufacturers need coding and marking printers in this era. But, why is this needed? Here we will discuss that issue further to prepare you for the factory of the future. 

The Reasons for The Manufacturer Needs of Coding and Marking Printers

It’s easy to say that codes and labels on a product are very important.

For various industry sectors, this has become a vital part that you need to think about as a manufacturer. It contains essential information for consumers. It will also give your factory an identity. 

You will find in industry 4.0 that the competition of all manufacturers in every industry sector will be very tight. That’s why you have to make your product perfect, especially when you need to change the label. It will be more critical when it comes to the identification codes and relevant dates. 

Basically, coding and marking printers will be the most important tools for manufacturers.

It enables them to provide a clear label that includes the batch number and barcodes. Not only for the consumer but also for the manufacturer itself. It will be easier to protect their supply if there is a clear label on the package. The coding and marking printer will make it easier for the manufacturer to give labels. It will be more effective and efficient for them.

After all, it will be very relevant to be used in Industry 4.0 nowadays. It will also provide a lot of benefits for the manufacturer. 

Total Cost of Ownership Coding and Marking Printer

Let’s talk about the cost! When manufacturers need coding and marking printers, they have to pay the cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership, or TCO, will be calculated as their assets. It comes from the initial purchase price for each printer and the cost of operation.

All of them are important to count before the manufacturer owns a coding and marking printer. 

This information will help you calculate how much this product will cost you. But, it’s totally different for each coding and marking printer. The cost of ownership will depend on some factors. Here are the specific Link Continuous inkjet printer ongoing costs that you should know:

1. Service

The cost will depend on the service. It needs regular servicing, like engineer callouts. Make sure you count this part. 

2. Replacement Parts

Coding and marking printers are machines. That’s why you need to replace the mechanical parts sometimes. Unless the printer is still under warranty, you have to pay for it. 

3. Downtime (Scheduled)

You have to calculate the downtime. This is the time when your printer can’t be used. It’s being scheduled when the printer is on service. 

4. Downtime (Unscheduled)

Sometimes, your printer breaks for some reason. This is called an “unscheduled downtime. ” You need to calculate this, especially when you spend a lot of money on this part. 

5. Consumables

If you use the printer regularly, then you need to calculate this. The more you use the printer, the more you will spend because you need the ink, ribbon, and so on. 

6. Energy

The efficiency of energy is key for your printer. It also costs your money to give the energy to the printer so it can perform well. 

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Hidden Costs for Your Coding and Marking Printer

When talking about the manufacturer’s needs for coding and marking printers, you can’t miss this part.

You need to know how much the hidden costs are for your printer. Besides all of the costs that were mentioned before, there are hidden costs for aging equipment. 

When you have aging equipment, it will be very beneficial for you to replace it with a new one. It will almost certainly cost you more money but provide you with a better function.

If you don’t replace the equipment, it will cost you more because you’ll need more engineer callouts. You need to pay for replacement parts, and it increases the downtime. 

You need to calculate the hidden cost of aging equipment carefully. Also, make sure you have the best decision when replacing it. Choose the right equipment that will replace the old one efficiently. 

You will need more money to purchase the coding and marking printer. But, actually, it’s not. Today, you will find the slashing service costs anywhere from £600 to £3. The scheduled downtime was reduced from hours to only ten minutes. 

The good news is that you can say goodbye to upfront costs with an operational leasing conclusion.

You need to know that some processing and packaging machinery manufacturers let you access the technology without upfront costs. It will give you more cost savings, right? 

Why does a manufacturer need coding and marking printers in order to stay up with industry 4.0?

It’s totally easy to answer right now.

LINX coding and marking printers will be the best choice for your company. It gives you the best quality and the cost you will spend on it is very efficient, in balance with the high quality product.

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