Shaping Industry 4.0: Maximize Efficiency in Coding and Marking

Shaping Industry 4.0: Maximize Efficiency in Coding and Marking
March 29, 2022 Macklin Tan
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How to Shape the Maximum Efficiency in Coding and Marking in Industry 4.0? 

Industry 4.0 is a term that becomes an umbrella for every technological advance that is transforming the way we manufacture. Due to the technology that advances every year, industry 4.0 has become a grand evolution on the automated systems that exist in this era.

For instance, line robots and packaging equipment are the revolutions we acknowledge these days. Furthermore, every manufacturer must be able to maximize the efficiencies in shaping it. 

The image we can view from the industry of 4.0 is that every factory system is being integrated with the internet. Living in this technological era and smart factory, every customer should never find any mistakes in products sold by every company. 

The four stages of the industrial revolution began with steam power and mechanized production. While 2.0’s characteristics are mass production and the existence of electricity. Industry 3.0 starts with computers, robots, and automation. In this industry 4.0, we are the living proof of manufacturing using IIoT and Cyber-physical production systems. 

To shape this era of industry, enabling coding and marking in every product should be done clearly. Furthermore, the use of IIoT and automation can be followed after. Here is the explanation of coding and marking in industry 4.0.

What are Coding and Marking?

Coding and marking are a vital part of production in food, beverage, and pharmacy plants. Without the code that has been applied to the packaging, the product would never leave the factory. Coding and marking are the legislation that proves the legal product has been manufactured by the factory. Without a correct code, you might experience recall or fines, both in cash terms and likely impact on the brand. 

The form of coding and marking can be viewed by every customer. It is also a serialization that protects every customer from fake brands and fake products. Furthermore, the coding and marking are invisible on the production line. There is no way a person will check every code that has been applied to the product. 

Every factory would utilize the machine in coding and marking. Furthermore, its utilization should be checked all the time. However, there would always be a sudden problem such as they run out of ink, or the machine getting clogged up. Some factories would even place a person who always instructs the machine to maximize the efficiencies in coding and marking. 

These problems do not imply how industry 4.0 works and there would be an unplanned downtime in production. Furthermore, the best solutions that a factory should work out are keeping the printers running and making sure that the product obtains the right code on its packaging. 

Empowering Intelligent Technology on Printing Machine

As explained before, coding and marking are the vital elements that would protect a factory and its customer. However, checking every printer while making a code and mark will take most of the employee’s time. To minimize the effort, the owner of a factory should consider utilizing cloud computing on machines. 

Cloud would be able to collect every data and gather them as a database. Then, try to integrate the system of the machine to the cloud so that the printers would change into clever ones. The integrated machine can be the best investment for the support team and engineers in using the collated data and diagnosing every issue remotely. 

Enabling Continuous Inkjet, MES, and ERP for Maximum Efficiencies

Not only empowering the integrated machine, but every factory should also be able to monitor the process well. Furthermore, Continuous Inkjet, MES, and ERP should be applied by every factory. Here is the explanation of those two technologies.

  1. A continuous inkjet or CIJ is a printer especially from Linx, like the 8900 series and 8830 series monitors every move of the machine automatically. Its functions are adjusting the ink and makeup level and maximizing its performance in every weather. This intelligent technology would ensure high-quality codes of printing and reduce the product’s tendencies from being recalled and unplanned downtime in order to clean and adjust the process. 
  2. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are systems that enable data labeling to coordinate every coding and marking process on the product automatically without input from a human. To get every coding and marking done perfectly, the factory’s owner must make sure the information entered on the printers is correct. Furthermore, avoid incorrect information that results in recall and reproduction. 

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To Conclude

To upmost the efficiencies of coding and marking, every owner of a factory must make sure that the machine works well with or without human physical companions. Furthermore, to maximize the function, the owner can implement a machine that is integrated into the Cloud so that the data are correct and able to collect the database.

Avoid the mistake that would come up from humans and rely on the machine that is integrated automatically so that there will be no recall and reproduction. 

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