Competing Counterfeit Products in The Market

Competing Counterfeit Products in The Market
March 17, 2022 Macklin Tan
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The emergency condition of the supply distribution, which was quite severe, had a bad impact on the goods supply chain. The supply of goods also includes the stock of raw materials that cannot meet market needs. This disruption in the distribution of goods affects the emergence of counterfeit products in massive numbers. These counterfeit products pose a serious risk to businesses and consumers.


The Cause of the Supply Chain and the Great Disruption

If we looked at the problem about the supply chain and the great disruption, the issues with supply and demand brought about by the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 or by the name we are more familiar with, Covid-19. The pandemic causes massive global lockdowns and has a bad influence on the supply chain.

The restricted mobilization around the globe led to most countries worldwide facing supply chain disruption that had never happened before. 

The supply chain disruption resulting from the pandemic has exacerbated the expansion of market vulnerabilities. Not only that, Covid-19 has also had a direct or indirect impact on the way the global market buys and sells goods.

Supply chain vulnerabilities are exploited by irresponsible organizations that manufacture and sell counterfeit goods.


Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products could be varied, such as clothing, smartphones, part of computers, or even something we consume by mouth or use on the skin. The counterfeit goods that people usually find on the marketplace include makeup, skincare, supplements, and medication.

Counterfeit products have two categories: deceptive products and non-deceptive products. 

The one that can easily differentiate by its price, quality, and sales location is the non-deceptive products. This kind of counterfeit is mostly luxury brands like clothing, accessories, etc.

Most of the consumers are aware that the goods they are bought are counterfeit. This situation is usually found in online sellers and street vendors or markets. They offer high-end luxury brands at much lower prices or a fraction price of the real products.

Meanwhile, deceptive counterfeit products are difficult to distinguish from real products. That is because the products are often identical to the authentic product. The similarity even to the price and packaging but surely not in terms of the quality. Consumers buy items that they assume the real goods, but in the end, get something else, and in the worst scenario, it can cause them an immediate loss.


Counterfeit Materials

Raw materials of counterfeit goods can also pose a serious problem. Before the great disruption, the exploitation that the counterfeiters had done might fill the gap of weaknesses in supply chains by offering lower than normal prices. The threats degrade legal supply chains and put a risk on businesses and consumers.


How Do Counterfeit Products Affect Businesses and Consumers?

The direct negative impact of counterfeit products is the major loss in sales. Another damage is the decline of the original brand reputation and the worsening of relationships with business partners. Not only that, but counterfeit goods also cause legitimate product companies to have to deal with the effects of counterfeiting, such as spending time and spending a lot of money to deal with the problem.

Then the threat to consumers, especially in products such as pharmaceuticals, supplements, and personal care products, are counterfeited. Counterfeit products are very likely to use hazardous or untested raw materials. The raw materials used may be unsuitable for their intended use and have adverse effects on the user’s body.


How to Deal with Counterfeit Products

The effective way is cooperation in identifying counterfeit products from both supply chain partners, consumers, and the authorities working together. From a business perspective, you can use a unique identifier to verify the authenticity of a product.

With the existence of unique identifiers such as serialization options, consumers, authorities, and retailers can perform tracking and tracing so that they can protect and protect their business brands from illicit trade.

In Europe and the United States have passed laws regarding the need for unique identifiers, and serialization, such as:

  • EU Medical Device Regulation (2017/745/EU) 
  • US Federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) 
  • Russia’s Chestny ZNAK crypto code legislation 

With the existence of systems and databases that track products, this regulatory support can increase the effectiveness of product tracking and tracing.


DSI Printer is the Solution for Counterfeit Products

DSI printer with the Linx 8900 series product family can be used as 2D code printers that smartphones can read for QR Codes or Data Matrix codes to verify product authenticity to the consumers. Counterfeiters can easily imitate the appearance of a product, but will not be able to generate 2D codes to identify the product uniquely.

DSI printer is constantly growing since acquiring exclusive distributorship for Linx products from Britain. Continuously increasing its share, DSI has quite the variety of Linx products you may need.

“Buy now don’t pay later” there is no hidden cost that you have to pay in the future.


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