Batch Printing Solutions for Cosmetics Explained: What You Need to Know

Batch Printing Solutions for Cosmetics Explained: What You Need to Know
October 24, 2021 Macklin Tan
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Batch Printing Solutions for Cosmetics are Necessary

Cosmetics are probably on the same level as pharmaceuticals in terms of how careful you should be in choosing the batch printing solutions for cosmetics. The main reason is because cosmetics are full of chemicals that can make a chain reaction to inks—which is a chemical substrate as well.

Types of Product

Cosmetics applications range wide from everyday use products such as shampoo and bathing soap to specific feminine make-up products such as sleeping masks or serums. Every type of cosmetic products has different types of chemical content and also different types of packaging affecting how you could print labels and markings on them.

Cosmetics Packaging

The packaging itself varied from glass package, jar, tube, to vascular tubing. With all different variations like this, of course you will also need a particular printer for your company’s production line. Top it off with the need of specific ink; you need to find just the perfect combination between a printer and the right ink.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Ink and Printer

Link black ink 1085 application

Yes, products are sealed tight when the labeling and coding process begins. However, the air can carry more than the eye can see and thus for employee’s safety and minimizing unnecessary problems, it is wise to choose an ink base that is not harmful or such a toxic component to the content of the cosmetics itself.

Cosmetic products are also a common subject to be counterfeited. This makes many companies prioritize a way to make sure their products can keep their originality and authenticity even to customers.

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Abrasion or constant rubbing and scuffing are also prominent in cosmetics. As women often put their cosmetics in a purse or a bag together, products’ labels and markings should be able to resist this abrasion effect.

The Right Ink and Printer

ink uv or invisible ink

Cosmetics have different bottle sizes and shapes. Knowing this, printers for batch printing solutions for cosmetics need to have the flexibility of the change in size and shape. 

The ease to change ink cartridges, the difficulty of cleaning print heads, rollers and modular equipment are all necessary to figure out. That hasn’t covered the need for speed in the labeling process. You should also think about the equality in which the marking and coding is required.

Think about all the variables you need in order to choose the right printer for your cosmetics line production. Note them, or you can also ask your consultant on this, or you can contact dsi-printer for later questions regarding these variables you have thought about.

Ink Safe Enough for Cosmetics

ink for cosmetic products

There are at least three inks that you might want to consider as the right ink for your printer. Those inks are composed with a brief explanation on how they work below.

Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Ink*

Often found in inks as solvent, VOC is known to have enough vapor to evaporate under normal conditions. While it is safe to use most of the time, the use of this particular ink should be minimized or even replaced by lo-VOC.

VOC are smelly and release harmful substances to the airs, thus choosing a low-VOC ink is best for cosmetics products. Ink with low level VOC does not produce the same concentration of odor as the high VOc, thus is more healthy and eco-friendly.

UV Ink/Invisible Ink*

Invisible ink or Ultraviolet (UV) ink is used for watermarking packages in order to minimize product counterfeiting. Many products nowadays are counterfeiting big brands and small brands alike as consumers often weren’t really able to tell.

UV ink is an invisible ink that can only be visible under ultraviolet or black light. Aside from preventing counterfeiting, UV inks make sure the authenticity and the traceability of your product anywhere, anytime.

Abrasion Resistant Ink

Beauty products are often put in places that are wet such as the bathroom and showers, and even more common to be put alongside many other products together in a small place. Not to mention women’s cosmetics are put together in a woman’s purchase with high repeat of rubbing and scratching.

These are all subjects to make the branding of cosmetic products to wear and possibly disappear. How do you prevent this?

Batch printing solutions for cosmetics that you use should have abrasion resistant ink in it. With this type of ink, even if your products are often rubbed against another surface repeatedly, your company’s marking and coding won’t disappear easily.

The right printer for this would be CIJ printer or laser coder. Depending on what you really need, a laser coder would probably be the best choice even though it is suggested that you consult it first with an expert.

In Conclusion

Batch printing solutions for cosmetics are not only about the printer, but most importantly have to do with the ink used for the products. This is a case because cosmetics are chemical products that need attention to the use of other chemicals in printer inks. The constant counterfeiting and abrasion also need to be regarded as one thing about labeling and marking these products.


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