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The cosmetic industry in Indonesia is now growing rapidly. With the emergence of various cosmetic brands, consumers are increasingly critical of buying cosmetics that suit their needs. Every cosmetic company is competing to create their products to be accepted by consumers.

Manufacturers of the cosmetic and personal care industry usually use specific coding and markings on personal care packagings, such as codes on plastics, bottles, and many more. In addition to various coding, each product needs a tracking system that requires special multipurpose codes, such as barcodes or data matrices.

You can use the Linx continuous inkjet or coding and marking machine in the cosmetic industry to do batch coding, printer expiration dates, and others. With high speed and minimized downtime, you will get maximum results with DSI products. You will be satisfied if you use this product. Moreover, the ink dries quickly and is of high quality. So, It is suitable for use in the cosmetic industry. This product also has strong traceability.

Operation is relatively easy and can be relied on in various environments. Whether dusty, wet, hot, or uncontrolled environment. Our printers are easy to use anytime, anywhere for accurate coding in the cosmetic industry. It’s a perfect solution.

We can be the solution for a variety of long-lasting coding. DSI uses various codes for customer needs and is more cost-effective. With the use of the right printer, of course, production costs can be reduced. We can also provide the best solution for assigning product codes, production dates, or marks of authenticity. You can print as much as you need on bottle caps, plastic, and other materials. Hope it can help you to get the best products for your need.

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Our coding machines recommendation for cosmetics and toiletries

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Linx 8940 series

The Linx 8940 is part of the Linx 8900 range of CIJ printers which make your coding life easier. With its IP65 rating and highest printing speeds (up to 16% faster than the Linx 8920), the Linx 8940 is designed for the most challenging coding applications.

Linx 8830 CIJ

Linx 8830 series

Reliable continuous ink jet printer with up to 3-line coding capability. Designed to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your production line output, the Linx 8830 CIJ printer delivers consistent, error-free date and batch codes.

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