Best Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions for Each Industry

Best Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions for Each Industry
September 6, 2021 Macklin Tan
In Coding and Marking Industry
Coding and Marking Solutions on multiple Industry

Industrial Coding and Marking Machines Offer Lots of Benefits for Many Industries

Label codes, even though look small and insignificant, hold important information for consumers. They contain the best before and production dates and some products even use scannable codes to educate customers. Therefore, each industry needs to have reliable industrial coding and marking machines to have clear and long-lasting label codes. 

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of using codes for various industries as well as recommended machines to print certain codes. 

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Kinds of Codes Used in Many Industries 

Each industry uses codes differently. Some companies even make use of this marking as their branding. They design unique and appealing codes to help them stand out. 

However, here are some popular uses of codes in various industries. 

Batch Coding 

batch coding on box packaging

This coding is also known as lot coding. Batch coding is often used for traceability. Therefore, the coding has to meet standards and be consistent since it tells the composition and identity of the products. 

The code can be in the form of numbers, letters, or even QR codes. Those numbers and letters may contain the manufacturing date, retail price, and identification code.  

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Date Coding 

date coding on red packaging

As the name suggests, date coding refers to the date and time formats of products. These formats refer to production and expiration dates. Some brands even go into detail by integrating hours and seconds. 


Barcode Printing 

barcode printing on product packaging box

A barcode is an image with black and white bars representing numerals. This image is mainly used, but not limited to, retail stores to help track inventory in warehouses and get real-time data on the inventory levels. 


Kinds of Coding Machines for Various Industries

Coding machines, whether they’re manual or automatic, are divided into two types which are the contact or non-contact. Which one should you use? It will mostly depend on your industry and the type of materials the code will be printed on. 


Contact Coding Machines 

contact printer with thermal tranfer overprinter

This kind of machine will directly contact the surface of the packing or product being coded. Contact coding machines include the traditional or metal rubber stamps and the automatic one, thermal transfer overprinter. 


Non-contact Coding Machines 

linx inkjet batch printing on milk bottle

As the name implies, this coding machine won’t physically meet the surface of the packing and product. However, it uses certain techniques like ink sprays and lasers to make the code. Examples of non-contact machines are continuous inkjet (CIJ), thermal inkjet printers, and laser coders.

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How Every Industry Uses Coding and Marking Machines

Different industries require special codes, which means they may also need different industrial coding and marking machines. In this section, we’ll cover some coding systems and machines in several industries. 


Food and Beverages 

batch and date marking on chocolate or food

F&B may be the most common industry that uses codes. Usually, this industry uses codes to tell the manufacturing and expiration dates, as well as printing barcodes. 

How the Food and Beverages industry uses coding and marking printers will vary based on the packaging and substrates the codes will be put on. 

For example, popular beverage packaging includes plastic bottles and cans. Meanwhile, glasses, cans, papers, cartons, and plastics are the common materials for food packaging. Yet, some companies even print the codes on the food itself, like on eggs and cheese. For these kinds of substrates, it’s highly recommended to use non-contact coding machines. 



batch printing on pharmaceutical products

Another familiar industry that uses codes is pharmacy since it has to comply with the law for labeling unique ingredients. The codes aim to make sure that the medicine and other medical devices are accurately monitored by medical organizations. 

No wonder that the suitable industrial coding and marking machines for pharmacy would be non-contact ones as they offer faster processes and are able to print complex codes. 


Cosmetics and Toiletries

batch printing on Cosmetics and Toiletries products

The personal care industry often needs a wide range of coders since they use various packaging sizes and formats. 

For example, beauty products may come with a small travel size or tester package. Also, some products like face wash will be in the form of plastic packaging, while others like a night cream and nail polish often use glasses. 

Therefore, the type of machines you need will very much depend on the products you use.  



batch coding on rims

Nowadays, a vehicle contains many components which may require a specific code in particular colors and angles. The coders also have to produce durable and alcohol-resistant prints because automotive machines are easily polluted by dust and other contaminants, like oils and vapor. 

In this case, non-contact machines, especially CIJ, are probably the most cost-effective machine for the automotive industry. It’s because this coder can print on almost all substrates and is available in various colors. 



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Whatever industrial coding and marking machines you need, it’s important to have a trusted brand for supplying your coders. An example is the DSI Printer. Not only this brand offers various types of coders, but it also provides customization because DSI Printer is supported by in-house workshops. And also we are always Ready to Stock so you don’t have to wait again. Request Demo Now

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