Beverage Industry

We know that the coding and marking machine you really need in the beverage industry must be able to print the batch code or expired date code such as logos, text, numbers, and barcodes at high speed to maximize your production. Our Printer Machine can keep up with however fast you want it and it’s up to 5-line coding with only 0.5 liters of ink being changed. As little as 3.5ml of solvent each hour*

Glass And Bottle Coding Printers

In beverages industry is known to have controlled temperatures in order to keep the quality of the products, and often times it requires low degrees environment or even certain humidity or heat that may affect your printer machine.

What? your machine had so many downtimes because your factory has extreme conditions like we already said before? Don’t worry, we got you. Our coding and marking machine is designed to meet the challenges faced by the beverage industry every day, it has IP55 to IP65 and it can print over the substances that may trickle down the bottle, be it cold water or grease.

Example Print Results

Our coding machines recommendation for beverage industry

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Linx 8940 series

The Linx 8940 is part of the Linx 8900 range of CIJ printers which make your coding life easier. With its IP65 rating and highest printing speeds (up to 16% faster than the Linx 8920), the Linx 8940 is designed for the most challenging coding applications.

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Linx 8830 series

Reliable continuous ink jet printer with up to 3-line coding capability. Designed to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your production line output, the Linx 8830 CIJ printer delivers consistent, error-free date and batch codes.

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