The Best Food and Beverage Batch Coding Solution

The Best Food and Beverage Batch Coding Solution
February 15, 2022 Macklin Tan
food and beverages batch coding solution

Whether you work in industrial and manufacturing applications, batch coding will feature an integral part of your manufacturing process, especially if you are looking for a Food and Beverage Batch Coding Solution.

We will get into the details of all the different technologies for food and beverage batch coding solutions so that you can make an informed choice when buying a batch coding machine. 


Food and Beverage Batch Coding Solution

Food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers need batch codes to identify their food and beverage products. You can find batch codes in various packaging materials for food and drink products or the batch codes printed on eggs.

Also, all stages of a product’s production, processing, and distribution must use its batch code for traceability. Each batch number contains a combination of different identifying codes. The codes indicate the product, the production line, the date and time of production, etc.

Therefore, choosing a machine for a food and beverage batch coding solution is important.


Why Should You Use Batch Coding in Food Industries?

When a customer buys two identical products at a supermarket, they may contain the same ingredients in the same quantities. Each product has its batch code if it is made on a different day, in a different line, or by a different supplier.

Recalling products relies heavily on these codes. An issue with a product can be traced back to the source using the batch code if the customer, retailer, or anyone further down the supply chain notices it. 

The manufacturer can then withdraw products with the same batch code from sale at a reduced cost. It is more costly to facilitate a recall of a large batch of a product.

Choosing the correct machine for food and beverage batch coding solution is imperative to ensuring that products can move seamlessly through a supply chain. But with so many batch coding options available, it can not be easy to know which machine is best.


Types of Food and Beverage Batch Coding Machine

There are several types of food and beverage batch coding solutions you can choose to your own preference.

1. Non-contact batch coding machines

Dairy (2)

Firstly, non-contact batch coding machines are ideal for batch codes that must change frequently. These are becoming more and more necessary nowadays as they do not physically touch the product surface. Rather, they use lasers and ink sprays to apply the code.

2. Contact batch coding machines

contact printer with thermal tranfer overprinter

The second type of food and beverage batch coding solution uses a contact batch coding machine. 

Contact batch coding machines are in direct contact with the surface of the product or package that will be coded. For some industries, contact batch coding machines are no longer recommended.

3. Automatic Batch Coder

Linx 8900 Date coding on Plastic bottle

Linx 8900 print date code on plastic bottle

Next, semi-automatic batch coding machines apply data to products as they run along a production line, meaning there is no need for manual intervention. The batch code will automatically feed and print the product until a change in the product or code is required.

4. Manual batch coding solutions


barcode printing using Mark 1-H

Generally, small manufacturers will typically use this type of machine to produce a limited range of products, often by hand and with limited distribution. Hot stamps, ink pads, and sticker roller coding machines are examples of these machines.

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Technologies to Use for Food and Beverage Batch Coding

1. Thermal inkjet (TIJ)

Thermal Inkjet Printer Mark 2 Ultra 9

The TIJ printer is a flexible solution for both outside cases and primary packaging. These high-resolution machines can print smaller areas than case printers. 

Nevertheless, they provide superb print quality for premium packaging and an effective solution for slow production lines. Also, it is great for locations that do not require 24/7 production.

2. Continuous ink Jet (CIJ)

three products from link marking and coding printer

Aside from thermal inkjet, there is also continuous inkjet (CIJ). With its ability to print on almost any substrate, CIJ remains one of the most cost-effective choices. 

With CIJ printers, you can use a wide selection of inks, such as inks of different colors to ensure legibility on any color substrate, UV-readable inks for anti-counterfeiting, or water-removable inks for internal traceability. It adds yet another dimension to the printing process. 

At speeds exceeding 2600 characters per second, CIJ can print single and multiple lines of text and simple graphics. Due to the production of lighter models, the CIJ printer can be moved more easily from line to line and is quicker to install and set up laser systems.

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3. Large character printers

Linx piezo inkjet printers

With the large character printers, you can print in high-resolution quality and on various surfaces and materials. 

Besides being easy to install and adjust, they are reliable and have predictable costs. As well as being cost-effective, they are a great alternative to pre-printed boxes and labels.

4. Laser

wire cable laser marking machine

Marking with lasers can produce a permanent code on nearly any material at high speed. It is faster because there is no ink involved, therefore, no drying time.

In addition to their low downtime, high speed, and no consumables, laser systems offer a lower long-term cost of ownership than many other technologies.


Getting the Best Food and Beverage Batch Coding Machine

If you are looking for a trusted company that provides machines for a food and beverage batch coding solution, we are here for you. Click here to get more pieces of information about our products.

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