MARK 1 – H

MARK 1 – H

Markcom Mark-1H Hand held TIJ Printer is a portable version of Mark-1S with the same internal component and the same function and features. Markcom Mark-1H is built with plastic body and handle to support user on printing. Markcom Mark-1H is also equipped with replaceable 10.000 mAh battery and can operate up to 8 hour on single charge.

Printer features :

  1. Built with light plastic material for portability.
  2. Support for barcode and 2D code printing with rapid change.
  3. Multi language system and multi-language printing.
  4. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) design.
  5. Compatible with all Markcom Ink Cartridges.
  6. Added support for communication protocol with other device (E.g. Checkweigher) via RS232 serial communication.
  7. Operate up to 8 Hour on single charge.

Download PDF MARK H1


Specification :

  • Panel Control: 5’” cols louch screen
  • User Jntazface: Simple – user fr iendTy UT
  • OperatTrtg System: Embedded Lfrrux operatlng system
  • Hardware: A W •FI cdD T T AM3Z 58 Tndus£rTal QF 6Oe CPU / U EA XTTTnx Sp’g0£6. Industrial-jade FPGA/TU dedlcated ASIC thlp .
  • Communlcatlon Interface: USB/£IJ45 to RS232
  • External Interface: Photocell 1ncIuderI)
  • Print Engine: TU Technology
  • I•Iecsase Store Capacity: Up to 1000
  • Ilultl-Laguanges: gnplish, Chinese, ArabiC, Jaynes, Kcean, Thai, Vletnarnese, French, Oerman. rinnish. Italian, Nor wegian, Portuguese, Spanlsh, Puss4an, Danlsh.
  • Indicator: OrspTay alarm indicat O
  • Print Resolution: eesolutlon up to 6o0 x 600 DPI ‹ver tical: OODPT. TSODPT, 30ODPI, 600DPI, lanscape: 30 6000PI preclslon ad|ustment).
  • Print Density: to 6 one touch density
  • Print Speed: 406m/90DPI, 304m1Z0OPI, 24Om7150DPI, 120m/30OOPI,/multi grouP var table data uIfra•hieh skee0 response or in ling)
  • Print Distance: 2 – 4 mm
  • Print Height: z.cmm ‹o.s”’j variable adjnstaie font size and lines
  • Print Capability: Alpha nume Ie, date, time, month code, wee« code, aigna hours, counter, logos.
  • Barcodes: OP Code, Data klatr lx, EAN8, E4NTZ, Code128, Code 39, UPCA, UPCE.
  • Nozzle Type: T hermally foamable head TIJZ.5
  • Catridge Chle: Non-contact PAID, automatic irten£ification and receding ink .
    WorM ng Environtment: Temperature of 0 45”C / humidity ol 3o 70’+6 nn.
  • Weight: 400@
  • Dimensions: 13B{L) x B7 (W) x 36 H} mm.
  • Orientation: Side HorizontaI) Oownside.
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