The Best Batch Coding Machine for Your Bottle Packaging

The Best Batch Coding Machine for Your Bottle Packaging
January 18, 2022 Macklin Tan
Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer

Since the bottle-based production sometimes necessitates enormous numbers, it will eventually need a dependable and accurate batch coding machine to avoid adding additional cost to the manufacturing process. 

Batch printing machines are frequently distinguished by how they must be handled, such as whether they must be handled by hand, fed, or function independently. A continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer is a coding machine that operates autonomously most of the time, with no need for an operator. 

Linx bottle coding printers, a renowned brand of coding solutions, are designed to print directly onto plastic or glass bottles in practically any orientation and are excellent for high-volume expiration date coding or batch identification. They can mark variable information as well as print barcodes, data matrix, and QR codes onto bottles using a variety of pre-programmed codes, minimizing unnecessary waste and the environmental impact of pre-printed labels.

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Plastic Bottle Batch Coding Machine

batch coding on plastic bottle

Linx pigmented inks enable long-lasting printing of expiry dates and batch numbers onto a variety of colored plastics, including polyethylene (PE or PET), polypropylene (PP or OPP), PVC, and Nylon, with clarity that lasts for years even when stored in direct sunlight.

The Linx CSL60, as a high-powered laser coder, can even code onto difficult-to-mark plastics, offering fast, permanent marking without the need for consumables or ribbon/ink changes. 

Linx CIJ printers 8900 series are also built to be long-lasting and feature-rich, ensuring that the coding quality of your plastic bottle packaging meets the highest standards.

Food-grade inks, invisible/UV coding, and other specialty inks are available. IP protection is available as an option for severe settings. Linx’s inks will hold batch codes in place on practically any substrate and can survive tough manufacturing settings while providing non-contact, multi-line coding.

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Coding on Glass Bottles

date and batch code marking on glass bottles

Linx has strong adhesion, retort, and even washable inks for use on glass surfaces in a variety of demanding settings and to enable easy glass recycling after usage, depending on your demands. All Linx laser marking devices may also label hot or cold glass directly. For any type of glass coding requirement, Linx has a product marking solution.

Linx UV readable inks for Linx Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers provide a dependable printing solution for glass marking for internal traceability and anti-counterfeiting of high-value goods. Variants for permanent coding and marking of both hot and cold glass are available, as well as rugged models suited to operate in the harsh conditions of glass manufacturing plants. Linx has printing solutions capable of completing any such operation, whether you’re wanting to print onto glass utilizing adhesive inks or etch directly into the surface of the glass.

Since the installation of Linx 8920 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers, one of the premium bottled waters has benefited from high-quality printed code and machine reliability.

The Linx 8920 printers print batch and best-before information on glass and PET bottles with a special ink called Linx Black bottling ink 1058. With a quick drying period, the ink can print through any moisture on the bottles, avoiding blurring and ensuring a high clarity, and quality code in line with its premium brand image.

The Linx 8920s’ consistent, trouble-free operation with minimal intervention has thus been a huge benefit to the brand, allowing the company to maintain output and meet demand, which is especially important during the busy summer months, while also freeing up the engineer to perform his regular duties.

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Printing on Bottle Caps

batch code printing on bottle caps

Many industries require date/time and batch or lot numbers to be coded on the bottle cap rather than the bottle or label, which can be difficult to code due to the narrow circumference and difficult-to-code materials. The Linx Ink Jet Printer comes with a choice of inks that may be used to print on practically any surface, including bottle caps. It can also print small character printing that is legible and consistent onto metal or plastic caps.

If you need to make logos as small as possible on your bottle cap, you could find that using a different ink jet printer, these just become a black spot. By comparison, the Linx 8900 accomplishes this with ease. 

With all of the signs proving to the Linx 8900 series, it is clear that the Linx 8900 series is the best printer for your bottle packaging needs. The Linx 8900 series, they claim, is designed to make operation and efficiency easier than ever before. A Linx 8900 CIJ printer, the most user-friendly Linx printer on the market, can help you enhance your output.

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As a result, the best batch coding machine in 2023 is the Linx 8900 series, which can assist you in maintaining your brand’s premium product values in terms of code quality. While for the printers’ dependability helps to ensure that output flow is consistent.

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