Benefits of Using Continuous Inkjet or CIJ Printer Technology for Your Industrial Need

Benefits of Using Continuous Inkjet or CIJ Printer Technology for Your Industrial Need
August 26, 2021 Macklin Tan
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What is a Continuous Inkjet or CIJ Printer?

There are a lot of coding and marking printing systems available in the market. Starting from the most favorite ink printing method to thermal and even laser printing methods. Among all those methods, however, the continuous inkjet printing method rose to the top.

A CIJ printer is a non-contact printer that charges ink in the form of droplets of ink at a time. It is charged through electricity that controls how the ink makes shapes on the surface of the object. This printer is largely used for marking dates, identification numbers or codes, and other information needed to be displayed on the package, especially for the primary package.

There are many types of printers that can print such codes, however, the continuous inkjet printing method has been the most used in various industry sectors. Why is it so? What is the quality that people see in the CIJ system to gain such fame?

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The Benefits of Using CIJ Printer for Your Factory’s Coding and Marking

Continuous inkjet printers are still going so strong even after decades of discovery. Today, it is frequently used in situations that need speed, and flexibility is widely needed across many sectors of industry.

1. Versatility


Versatility is probably the major advantage of using the CIJ printing system for your manufacturing process. The high velocity of the inkjet is an adaptable distance between printhead and substrate.

Unlike the contact printing system that has to press itself towards the printing media, CIJ has no such challenge. It can print onto curved surfaces, porous surfaces, and textured surfaces all the same. There is also quite a range of ink to the machine, giving you more freedom to fit it to your needs.

For example, a continuous inkjet printer can print on the curve of a drink bottleneck or plastic pill bottle. Even on a metal surface, an inkjet printer can maintain its work with clear results.

2. Low-Cost Ownership and Maintenance

product link for marking and coding printer LX3478 is Low-Cost Ownership and Maintenance

Compared to many other coding and marking printing systems, CIJ costs less. Add it with a lot of benefits you can get with the amount of money you lay, purchasing one is mostly low.

CIJ is able to run for hours before it requires downtime. The machine is durable with the ability to resist high temperature, dust, and humidity.

The maintenance for the machine is simple too. Routine maintenance will prevent most issues as clogged filters or ink flows. All of this concluded cost efficiency in CIJ printing.

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3. Speed

LX3447 is Versatility and speed is CIJ printing system for your manufacturing process.

The speed by which production is going can be a mark of efficiency. CIJ ink injection has a high frequency that can code and mark at a faster rate than other coding printers available. While some may have the same frequency, the need to maintain its continuous operation in coding will still make inkjet the winner.

4. Reliability

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The non-contact printing system that the CIJ printer has helps tremendously with the concise and clear marking results. No contact means even with an uneven surface, the stream of ink that CIJ pumps through its nozzle can have fewer smudges or damage. This way, misprints will be largely avoided, which in turn wasted material can be pressed down to minimal.

5. Quick-Drying Ink

printing some date code with speed

close up linx printhead when date coding

Laser is a great printer because it is very precise and does not rely upon the adhesive or how liquid tends to make smudges. Most ink-based printing systems have this problem, but inkjet is up to the challenge by making its ink drying faster.

As its name indicates, continuous inkjet printers do indeed work continuously. This proved to be beneficial as the constant use of the machine, the nozzle tended to not clog, allowing solvents to be employed. Solvents like ketones and alcohols are used effectively to adhere to the substrate as quickly as possible and dry the ink at once.

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All in All

Continuous inkjet printers are versatile, reliable, and efficient machines that can work 24/7 with little downtime after hours of uninterrupted running. It can print on glass or plastic bottles, food and medicine packaging, wood marking, and even metal pipes. Anyone will be attracted by the benefits it can give.

Regardless of the line of products you are working with, a continuous inkjet will prove to be useful in your factory. With the speed it shows, you won’t be worried about your production slowing down just because of marking or coding.

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