Why You Should Choose PT. DSI Printer for Coding and Marking Machines in Indonesia

Why You Should Choose PT. DSI Printer for Coding and Marking Machines in Indonesia
September 12, 2021 Macklin Tan
In Coding and Marking Industry

Looking for the best CIJ printer in Indonesia? Contact PT. DSI Printer!

If you own a business in retail and cosmetics, you should be familiar with coding and marking. It refers to codes that tell expiration and production dates as well as other regulative codes. Therefore, it’s important to have the best CIJ printer in Indonesia to help print the codes in clear and faster ways. 

One of the most reliable coding and marking companies is PT. DSI Printer. In this article, we’ll present some reasons why PT. DSI Printer is an excellent option when it comes to the coding and marking industry. 

Exclusive Distributor of Linx Printer Products 

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What is Linx? Linx is a world-class coding and marking company. It provides high-quality coding and marking machines and ongoing support, training, and maintenance. 

With that being said, this company helps you install new equipment, operate the machines, and train your operators. Linx also looks after your machines by arranging a service and offering user manuals and guides. 

Linx has had a huge worldwide network for over 30 years, and PT. DSI Printer is a proud distributor of Linx products in Indonesia. Therefore, you don’t need to contact the headquarter in the UK to get coding and marking machines  

Why should you choose Linx products? Its machines value simplicity in design, making the products trouble-free operation. No wonder your company can gain maximum production uptime in the coding process and, more importantly, a low cost of ownership over the product. 


In-house Technician Team and Workshop for Coding Printer 

Two People solve problem in DSI workshop

One of the most important factors when choosing a coding and marking machine is its flexibility. Meaning, the machine is adjustable for lots of needs and possible changes in the future. 

It’s highly important because a good code should follow trends and updated regulations. For example, back then, codes generally only consisted of production and expiration dates. However, as customers are getting smarter, companies need to provide relevant education by providing a scannable QR code telling the detailed ingredients of the product.  

Taking the factors above into account, PT. DSI Printer is ready to be your help. This brand is supported by an in-house design and workshop. This feature helps provide more freedom of control in customization and product integration for the customer.  


Various Coder Options

Three variant of LINX CIJ Printer, Linx 10, Linx 8900, Linx 7200

Linx 10, Linx 8900, Linx 7200

Different materials and locations the codes will be displayed on influence the type of coders you should use. For instance, CIJ printer is the best option for flat and curved surfaces due to its non-contact printing method. 

Therefore, PT. DSI Printer provides kinds of products for multiple segments, such as:

  1. Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ). For your information, Linx is the pioneer of many inkjet printing developments, such as the WYSIWYG display, four lines of print, and an IP55/IP65 protection rating. Some available CIJ printers at PT. DSI Printer includes the 8920 series, Linx 5900 series, and Linx 8900 series. 
  2. Thermal Inkjet Printer. This coder is a great choice for printing barcodes and labels. A product example is Linx TJ20.  
  3. Thermal Transfer Overprinter. If you want to print codes on film packaging and plastics, this is an ideal printer for you. TT3 is an example of a thermal transfer overprinter. 
  4. Labelling Machine. This printer provides high accuracy, so it’s great for printing stickers and labels. This option also comes with a user-friendly interface and easy setup. Examples are EDM Labeling LMFe600 and EDM Labeling LMH6000


Coding and Marking Solutions for Many Industries 

some products like glass, can, box with expire date mark

Various industries can make use of codes, as well as coders. 

A familiar example is the food and beverage industry. Our Printer will help print the detailed expiration and production dates until the seconds with exceptional reliability. It’s because the ink can stand in greasy environments from cooking ingredients and processes. 

Constructions also have used coding and marking machines since long ago. You can see the codes in the form of barcodes or numbers and letters describing different materials used in the construction equipment.

The F & B industry and constructions are only examples. You can mention codes in toiletries, electronics, and even pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, many industries can build a strong partnerships with  PT. DSI Printer to supply their coding and marking machines. 


Excellent Customer Support

As the distributor of Linx, PT. DSI Printer also values top-notch customer support. 

If you need any assistance in choosing the most suitable coder for your business and other related topics, please contact PT. DSI Printer via call in (021) 5591 2089 or (021) 5591 2108. An alternative is sending emails to dsimarketing@dsi-pinter.co.id or messages to its WhatsApp number +62 811-181-515.


All in all, PT. DSI Printer is a number-one option if you need coding and marking machines, especially in Indonesia. Not only is this brand the exclusive distributor of Linx, but it also provides other great features, like an in-house workshop and excellent customer support. 

DSI printer is constantly growing since acquiring exclusive distributorship for Linx products from Britain. Continuously increasing its share, DSI has quite a variety of Linx products you may need.

“Buy now don’t pay later” there is no hidden cost that you have to pay in the future.


If indeed you do not believe in the toughness of the machines that we have, We offer you to try the machine within a month with a cost calculation that we have calculated from the beginning whether it is in accordance with what is in the field. If so, what are your reasons for not buying it? Request Demo Now

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