What is a Lean in Coding and Marking for Manufacture?

What is a Lean in Coding and Marking for Manufacture?
February 24, 2022 Macklin Tan
In Coding and Marking Industry
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Marking and printing are crucial steps in the production of consumer goods. Many manufacturing businesses have implemented lean processes in coding and marking to achieve maximum results.

In most cases, these requirements are driven by legislative or customer requirements for batch tracking and durability information. 

Even so, new printing and marking equipment can provide many ways of reducing production wastes. Consequently, methods of lean in coding and marking manufacturing are getting promoted each year.   


What is Lean in Coding and Marking Manufacture?

Historically, Lean in coding and marking has been around for a very long time. Henry Ford and Toyota Production System have applied this since the 1950s. Of course, the development of technology impacts it to be more efficient and effective as time goes on.

So, Lean in coding and marking means emphasizing the importance of reducing manufacturing waste to reduce complexity and costs. According to lean principles, each step in the production process should add value for the customer.

Therefore, applying a lean coding and marking system may be incredibly beneficial for your business in the future. Modern printing and marking technology can reduce production wastes in several ways.


The Goal in a Lean Manufacturing

Being customer-centric is the hallmark of a lean organization. It maps its processes across the whole business, from the moment an order is generated to the moment it is delivered to the customer.

Identifying and minimizing inefficiencies and wastes allows companies to improve several aspects of their operations:

  • Flexibility and a better ability to respond quickly to customer demands
  • Better quality of work
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved production efficiency


Benefits of Having a Lean in Coding and Marking

There are several benefits when applying Lean in Coding and Marking for your manufacturing process, such as:


The Assurance of Quality

First, errors can be costly – in terms of lost time, lost product, necessary rework, and the possibility of a product recall and fine from the distributor. 

To protect the quality, you need printing and marking equipment that is reliable and easy to set up and operate, which contributes to efficient operations.

Therefore, Modern printers offer easy message creation and editing that ensure consistency and reduce the likelihood of errors and rework on the factory floor.


Enhanced Brand Protection/Conformity

High-resolution, long-lasting quality codes for information such as best-before dates, batch, or traceability data, ensure that your products meet any necessary regulatory or customer requirements. 

Also, it can complement your product and ensure that they do not compromise its overall appearance or image.


Reduce Waste

Thirdly, quality and accurate coding and marking systems ensure the right information is printed every time, legible on the product, and properly placed on it.


Avoid Overproduction

Using technology that requires minimal start-up procedures and guarantees a good first print allows machines to remain on continually and not run constantly. 

Manufacturers can use the machines for multiple applications, printing on various substrates, from plastic to sheet metal to glass to cardboard.


Reduce downtime

Installing machines that can be easily integrated into production lines saves time and money. When working in demanding environments, choose a printer with an IP rating that prevents solids and liquids from entering. Hence, you can reduce the downtime.

For example, a self-cleaning printhead reduces the likelihood of clogged nozzles. When you have a self-cleaning printer, you don’t have to worry about a mechanic constantly monitoring your printing. 


Less Waiting Time

For manufacturers who require frequent or quick product changes, digital coding and marking technology allows multiple messages to be stored and then selected at the touch of a button.

It reduces the time required to set up new data and information compared to, for example, changing rollers or plates on non-digital presses.

The printer can index and set up product lines using the multiple lines and data stored in its memory. Therefore, enabling fast product changes.


Increase Productivity

One of the most important in every business is productivity. Applying lean coding and marking in your manufacturing process can add more value to your products. 

Besides that, the weight of your machines can also impact productivity. Imagine how much time to waste moving the loaded machines you have. 

Weightless machines are easy to move between lines and set up quickly, allowing them to be more flexible and reduce setup times.


Up-to-date Technologies

Utilizing high-tech for lean in coding and marking equipment can benefit you in some ways. Not only in the sense of production value but also can affect your company’s reputation. People will take you seriously for having the latest technology.


How to Have a Lean in Coding and Marking?

If you want to achieve the goal, you need the most appropriate printing machine for your industry. If you are having a hard time deciding, do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding lean in coding and marking for your manufacturing.

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