Variants Continuous Inkjet Printer To Batch Coding For Multiline Packaging

Variants Continuous Inkjet Printer To Batch Coding For Multiline Packaging
October 4, 2021 Macklin Tan
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Which Batch Coding Variant is Best for Your Packaging?

There are a lot of batch coding machine that can print on your products in high speed. Some of them can print on your products in multiline.

Yes, multiline.

In which not only a single package that is being printed on, but many products at once with several print heads printing at the same time. This is called multiline printing and CIJ printer is one of some machine that can do that.

Can Every CIJ Printer Do That?

CIJ printer, as well as laser coders is two of high speed printing machines that are known for being able to print multiline packaging. Both are versatile and can stand harsh environment. There are of course, differences between the two.

Types of Batch Coding Printers for Multiline Packing

Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ)

Three variant of LINX CIJ Printer, Linx 10, Linx 8900, Linx 7200

CIJ printers or continuous inkjet printers are known widely for food and beverages products (though you can also find that CIJ printers are not uncommon for industrial and manufacturing as well). It is cost efficient compared to laser coders and have a certain quality to it.

Linx has at least 3 types of CIJ printers; four of them are highly functional and helpful in manufacturing process. The details will be further explained later in the article.

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Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ)

Thermal Inkjet Printer Mark 2 Ultra 9

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers offer high-resolution, easy-to-read digital alternatives to roll encoders, Valve jet, and CIJ systems. The wide range of inks available makes it suitable for coding boxes, trays, sleeves and plastic packages.

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Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer

Linx 8900 Series

Linx 8900 on standing deck

Linx 8900 also has remote control feature that make you able to control the machine anywhere, anytime. With one of this printer, you can print on primary and secondary packaging too. 

On the other hand, the operation is quicker with simple touch screen interface that is inspired by smartphones. The operation, however, is 24/7 with no downtime (only after months of use for need of regular service or if you want to stop the operation). 

It has higher speed production and can print QR codes in addition to Data Matrix printing. Other than those two, Linx 8900 series can also print barcodes, batch codes, retail packaging, and on multiline case, can print up to 6 lines.

Linx 8900 Series for Coding in Multiline Packaging

Close up change solvent on linx 8940 and linx 8920

The product family for 8900 series includes 8900 printer, 8910 printer, 8920 printer, and lastly 8940 printer. All of them have IP55 rating except for 8940 printer that has IP65 for its rating.

The print speed for the family ranges from medium which is similar to 5900 SS to the highest speed that is faster than 7900 HP. The maximal service interval for dye based printing starts from 18 months to 24 months tops. On the other hand, for soft pigmented inks, the service interval is 12 months or 6000 hours. This alone can make up for the cost efficiency in maintenance matter.

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To Conclude

Multiline batch coding is fairly common service that you can find in CIJ printing machine. Linx products, especially, have a range of products you can choose from regarding this particular service, with 8900 series come out as the winner out of three other series Linx provides. In the end, however, the choice is in your hand whether you want to have laser coder or CIJ printers, or whether you want 7900, 8900 or Linx 10 series.

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