Linx Batch Coding Machine: Features and Benefits

Linx Batch Coding Machine: Features and Benefits
December 2, 2021 Macklin Tan
User-Friendly Touch Screen Operation

Why Linx Best Batch Coding Machine is Better

If you’re in a hunt for the best batch coding machine, you might be confused when it comes to decision making of the most suitable machine for your business. Each industry might need different batch coding machines features for the products and packaging.

As a growing brand, Linx Printing Technologies continuously upgrades its batch coding machine in order to make coding life easier.

Linx Batch Coding Machines are specifically made to give you a clear and durable set of batch code. You can enhance your brand by using Linx Batch Coding Machine as it gives you excellent quality code prints.

Here we are to help you walk through Linx Batch Coding Machine features and benefits. Let’s have a look!


1. User-Friendly Touch Screen Operation

setting linx printer machine to print

Linx printer layout to setting the message

Linx coding machines are designed very thoughtfully with touch screen operation in most products available. Not only it’s self-installment, Linx provides you in maximizing production time without sacrificing the print quality.


2. Updated Software

setting for Updated Software

Linx Printing Technologies continuously upgrades their software to gives you faster print speeds experience. In Linx 8900 series, the software is proven to be problem-free date code changes.

The updated software of this batch coding machine also gives you much faster message editing to make sure the batch codes are uniform.


3. Prompted Dates Feature

Prompted Dates Feature

Prompted Dates Feature is made to benefit the manufactures of the short shelf-life products like foods where the operator can change the dates easily. 

You only need to click the range of dates beforehand then select the updated ones. In hence, the operator of the machine doesn’t need to rewrite the dates manually.

This process can also be done while the products are being coded. 


4. New Insert Option

setting link 8900 for new insert

Since the batch codes are crucial, Linx takes further actions. The batch coding machine is now able to insert, edit, or even delete the unnecessary and/or leftover parts of the message to create the code to make it more traceable.

This feature will be beneficial to cable manufacturers in enabling them to longer coding. in hence, you need to create different batch codes for each product in terms of diverse standard data. 

You can change the logo and numbers quickly without changing the whole message code. By any means, they will move intelligently to be presented better.


5. Faster Printing Speeds but Higher Resolution

printing some date code with speed

close up linx printhead when date coding

The whole upgraded batch coding machine gives you the faster printing speeds by 33% for one-line, seven drop-high prints, and even up to 440 meters per minute.

By all means, Linx batch coding machines are able to print production lines in the highest speed range without lowering the print resolution. This feature will help businesses that form irregular shaped packaging and/or products as the printhead doesn’t even need to be around the product.

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6. More Company Security

user interface for detail setting

Other than the features said above, Linx batch coding machines also come up with more secured software using the cloud-based ecosystem. This version facilitates the company to operate them far away from the machine itself. 

With that being said, you can monitor the printing status, change messages, and even maintain the technical team remotely. It enables you to access the machine from your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone.

Thanks to its smart software, you can ensure each production batch is able to meet targets as well. This helps you to guarantee that your products will be able to finish on time.


7. Self-Upgrade Software

control the printer wherever you are and at any time

Linx has already announced that their latest version of batch coding machine is capable in terms of self-upgrade software. Without having to be distracted by an engineer’s visits, you can run the software updates when you feel like it. 

Just like your smartphone, you’ll be notified when the updates are available.


8. Enhance Your Brand

enhance your brand with good quality batch coding machine

Without even realizing, every industry from foods and beverages, writings, pharmaceuticals, dairies, cosmetics line, to electronics or cabling, batch codes are simply the basic requirements. Good quality codes that are resistant from the heat and chemicals will automatically enhance the brand itself.

It’s very important for product trace backs if a customer buys two identical products from the market. If they find a problem with one specific product, they can track them easily to see all stages of how it’s made until distributed.

All in all, in order create high quality batch codes, you need to have quality batch coding machine too. So, if you want to know more about the Linx batch coding machine. we, DSI Printer will help you through it. Request Demo Now

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