Linx 8900 Series: High-Performance Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles

Linx 8900 Series: High-Performance Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles
October 17, 2021 Macklin Tan

The Right Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles

Food and beverages are known to have controlled temperatures in order to keep the quality of the food. Often times it requires low degrees of environment that may affect machines. In coding and marking for plastic bottles, however, the problem lies not only to the survivability of the machine but also in whether it can print over the substances that may trickle down the bottle, be it cold water or grease. 

What is the right one for your beverage product? Linx 8900 might be able to answer your need of coding your production. This article will show you why labelling and coding is important and how linx 8900 series is the right high performance inkjet printer for your product.

Why Labelling and Coding is Important for Beverage Products

LX3447 is Versatility and speed is CIJ printing system for your manufacturing process.

When you buy food or beverages, would you look through the best-before date to decide whether you want to buy it or not? Most people would; especially if they want to buy it as a monthly stock.

Then, is best-before date the only important label in a beverage? You’re right, it’s not. There are at least three parts of labelling and coding that is important in beverages, all is listed below.

Safety Reason

More people than you think actually got sick over contaminated food (600 million people at least). Labels are important to provide information for the distributors and sellers on how to store a product and give information to consumers on how to use or consume a product. This information will keep your consumers safe at all conditions, minimalizing product recalls because of a certain food accident.

Date codes are included in safety for obvious reason. No one should get sick because of expired food or beverages. 

Preventing Counterfeit Products

Labelling products with specific code and batch number also means that your consumers can easily identified the originality of your product. Without labels, false representation on packaging could lead into problem to your company or the worst part could mean you have to face the regulatory system which can risk your company production.

Local Branding

Labels provides traceability of the material used in products. If, for instance, you are using Colombian coffee or Japanese green tea, you can attract your consumers’ attention more. Consumers often relate the quality of certain products to where the products came from—considerably affecting your marketing.

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Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles Labelling and Coding Solution

batch printing on Cosmetics and Toiletries products

Now that you know how important labelling and coding are, it is time to choose the right machine to label them with. Inkjet printer is the main choice for it seeing as it can print continuously with non-contact method, the right method for plastic bottles that have curves around the body of the bottle.

Why Non-Contact Printer Can Do That?

Inkjet printer works by shooting ink into the surface of the product with the exact accuracy to make it straight and clear. Continuous inkjet printer from Linx the 8900 series in particular has auto-flush system in its print head to make sure the print head is always clean at all time.

Linx 8900 Series as Solution for Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bottles

linx 8900 and linx 8800 side by side

linx 8900 and linx 8800

Talking about plastic bottles, the first thing that makes a concern is the environment in which the printing would be in. Water droplets and dew from previous step in production might still be on the surface of the bottle when it comes to the printer feeder line. There is worry in this because Linx 8900 series can shoot through the dew with no problem; in fact, Linx 8900 can even shoot print through grease too.

The body of the printer itself is rated at IP55 with a choice of IP65 that is proven to have high sustainability within harsh environment. It is also free of dust-trap, making it easy to clean with no secret passages for dirt to come inside the machine.

User interface is guaranteed with ease as it has a 10 inch sensitive touchscreen that is layered so that it can still be clean at all times while keeping its sensitivity. You can even operate it using gloves!

What if you can’t operate it directly as the room in which your production line is occurring needs to be secure at all times? You can also operate it remotely with the help of Linx PrinterNet. 

What about the Maintenance?

product link for marking and coding printer LX3478 is Low-Cost Ownership and Maintenance

The ink system in Linx is using a technology that allows you to put in the tube without you ever needing to pulling off caps or taking a bothering process to refill. 

There is also a self-service feature that can minimize your maintenance cost considerably. Especially, the fact that it needs up to 2 years between self-service makes it even more desirable as the machine for your manufacturing process.

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To Conclude

Inkjet printer for plastic bottles needs a printer that can survive harsh environment while also being able to print onto an uneven curve. Linx 8900 is the best solution for this with its flexibility in shooting labels using non-contact printing and its high rating steel body that can withstand harsh environment.


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