The Advantages of Using Linx Inkjet Printer Machine for Your Industry

The Advantages of Using Linx Inkjet Printer Machine for Your Industry
August 16, 2021 Macklin Tan
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A Little about Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer

Who doesn’t want to keep their expenses low while maintaining high productivity? Everyone, it seems. 

If you are looking for easy-to-maintain, low-budget, professional coding and marking equipment, Linx would be a good choice for your factory. With a wide range of products to provide solutions for your needs, Linx has your back–with reasonable prices too! 

The most popular coding and marking printing as of now is the Continuous inkjet printer. And yes, one of the main products of Linx is the Continuous Linx inkjet printer. As it stands, inkjet is widely popular for the various benefits it can provide. 

What about Linx continuous inkjet products? To help you with that, here is a list you can read to consider.

Advantages of Using Continuous Linx InkJet Printer

1. User-Friendly

setting linx printer machine to print

Linx printer layout to set the message

Similar products from other brands usually have a lot of moving parts while Continuous Linx inkjet printers have fewer. This means the setup and maintenance for Linx products are simpler. A layperson can generally do regular maintenance. If any problem arises at all, you can go to repair facilities and the machine will be ready to run in a day.

Composing labels is no problem at all. Most Linx products have a touchscreen for programming with highly readable screens. Some Continuous inkjet printers can also be operated remotely, easing the operation further.

2. Versatile

Linx 8900 Date coding on Plastic bottle

Linx 8900 date code on plastic bottle

Continuous Inkjet Printer in general is known for their versatility, Linx takes it to heart. Aside from the famous ability to spray ink through non-contact methods onto any kind of surface, it also added an extra caution of even more flexibility into account.

Linx 8940 is one product that can wrap up the need for multiple printers for different functions. It can, as an example, move around its printhead to code expiry date on primary packaging to other manufacturing details on the secondary packaging.

3. Made for Speed

printing some date code with speed

close up linx printhead when date coding

With a fast coder that can keep up with the production line, you will not suffer loss for it. Linx printer especially has such concise print even with the rate it is going. The quick-drying ink Linx got for its printer will decrease the risk of smudging almost to none.

You need to remember that speed will not matter if your machine will take a long time to idle for downtime. Worse, the downtime is as long as it runs or longer. You do not want this to happen to your production. This is the point where continuous inkjet printers will be greatly advantageous.

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Linx continuous inkjet printers are made to run for long hours continuously, taking little time for maintenance each time. Choosing this product will give you the speed you need, without sacrificing time for downtime.

4. Environmentally Durable

linx printhead close up

Linx Print head

Environment affects any machine. Dust, humidity, heat, or cold will affect your printer machine too. You don’t want your machine to break down because the coffee powder of the product dusted your printer. You don’t want your printer to break because of condensation from the cold factory.

Linx printers are built to easily survive the average environment. If your factory has extreme conditions, Linx can provide it too!

Some printers carry a default rating of IP55, enabling the machine to keep running despite dusty air. It can even be upgraded to make it completely dust-tight. 

5. Reliable

Close up change solvent on linx 8940 and linx 8920

The process to change solvent on Linx 8920 and Linx 8940

With its fast nature, Linx Continuous inkjet printers can easily print evenly onto any surface with minimal mistakes. Maintenance is low, and repairs won’t drain your company’s wallet. With this, Linx coders can help minimize downtime. 

6. More Possibility

batch code on chemical packaging

Example Batch code on chemical product

With a Continuous inkjet printer, the finished product can turn in in a little time. Without the worry of coding and marking, you can focus more on customized or other unique customer requests. A timely project will definitely be to your advantage too regarding finishing the product with certain identification for the package.


Why Linx specifically?


linx 8900 and linx 8800 side by side

linx 8900 and linx 8800

Since its formation in 1987, Linx has been focused on a thoughtful understanding of customer needs. This is shown by the many awards Linx has gained over the year. In 2012, for instance, Linx won the PPMA Award for the most innovative processing or packaging machine. 

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The latest award saw Linx at the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce Global Business Awards. Linx coding and marking equipment company won the overall growth in exports awards, showing how well received the product was across nations.


Where to Get a Linx Printer?

logo-dsi-tagline-horizontal-2 (1)

DSI printer is constantly growing since acquiring exclusive distributorship for Linx products from Britain. Continuously increasing its share, DSI has quite a variety of Linx products you may need.

“Buy now don’t pay later” there is no hidden cost that you have to pay in the future.


If indeed you do not believe in the toughness of the machines that we have, We offer you to try the machine within a month with a cost calculation that we have calculated from the beginning whether it is in accordance with what is in the field. If so, what are your reasons for not buying it? Request Demo Now

To date, the products available range from continuous inkjet printers, thermal inkjet printers, thermal transfer overprinter, and labeling machines, all of which are Linx products. If you do look for a Continuous Link inkjet printer, DSI provides it too. Search on the top right button and you’ll find the categories of products available. Or, if you have more questions about the products, you can always contact our customer service for support.

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