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  • Jan122022
    batch code cosmetics product

    DSI Product Review: Inkjet Batch Code Printer for Cosmetics

    Batch coding (sometimes referred to as lot coding) is an important aspect of traceability. The code is defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as “a distinct designated fraction…

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  • Jan052022
    four cosmetic bottles with batch code

    Is an Inkjet Printer The Best Choice for My Cosmetics Company’s Bottle Code Marking?

    Packaging for personal care and cosmetic products comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs. Metal aerosol cans, speciality containers, folding cartons, flexible plastic and paper, and glass jars…

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  • Dec282021
    enhance your brand with good quality batch coding machine

    5 Top Date Coding Machine of 2022 for Your Beverage Business

    Date coding is critical for all products, especially for beverages. It is significant not only because it clarifies a product’s manufacture date, but also because it offers accurate information about…

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  • Dec222021
    date and batch code marking on beverages

    Know These 4 Things Before You Buy a Batch Code Printer!

    When your business involves selling a mass production, then you’ll need a product tracking code. Batch code is a term used to describe this type of coding. The batch code…

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  • Dec152021
    expiration date on sandwich packaging

    The Primacy of Powerful Expiry Date Printer from Linx

    Expiry Date Printer from Linx to Ease Product Labeling Releasing a product to the market takes a lot of preparation. Not only about the product’s quality but also about labeling.…

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  • Dec022021
    User-Friendly Touch Screen Operation

    Linx Batch Coding Machine: Features and Benefits

    Why Linx Best Batch Coding Machine is Better If you’re in a hunt for the best batch coding machine, you might be confused when it comes to decision making of…

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  • Nov232021
    inkjet code printer linx 8900

    Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer is Best Compared to China Brand, Here’s Why!

    How does Inkjet Batch Code Printer Works? When you own a business such as food and beverages, cosmetics line, and pharmaceutical, you must be well-acquainted with inkjet batch code printers. …

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  • Nov182021
    LX3447 is Versatility and speed is CIJ printing system for your manufacturing process.

    Boost Your Production with Inkjet Printer for Bottles!

    Solution for high speed and efficient production: inkjet printer for bottles The Beverage industry often needs to have high speed production. This is to cut costs and to improve the…

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  • Nov102021
    date coding machine linx

    How Date Coding Machine from Linx Works

    What Is a Date Coding Machine? A date coding machine is primarily a coding machine that prints dates to manufacturing products, many types of packaging (primary, secondary, tertiary, distribution packaging),…

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