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  • Mar242022
    Quality, Efficency, and Speed improve but cost decline

    Methods of Maximum Efficiencies in Coding and Marking Upon Coding Automation

    How Will You Grant Efficiencies in Coding and Marking? Technology is one of the most developing realms in this world, and we are living in the industrial revolution. In this…

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  • Mar172022
    Dairy 3

    Competing Counterfeit Products in The Market

    The emergency condition of the supply distribution, which was quite severe, had a bad impact on the goods supply chain. The supply of goods also includes the stock of raw…

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  • Mar142022
    2D code in device

    What is QR Code and Data Matrix Code?

    In today’s era, 2D code is needed to disseminate information quickly and efficiently. QR codes are also easy for ordinary people to make, so this is one of the reasons…

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  • Feb242022
    two people coordinate

    What is a Lean in Coding and Marking for Manufacture?

    Marking and printing are crucial steps in the production of consumer goods. Many manufacturing businesses have implemented lean processes in coding and marking to achieve maximum results. In most cases,…

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  • Feb152022
    food and beverages batch coding solution

    The Best Food and Beverage Batch Coding Solution

    Whether you work in industrial and manufacturing applications, batch coding will feature an integral part of your manufacturing process, especially if you are looking for a Food and Beverage Batch…

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  • Feb102022
    linx official distributor in indonesia

    Why You Should Choose Linx Batch Coding Machine From Official Distributor

    Linx Batch Coding Machine Official Distributor If you’re a business owner and constantly hunt for the best LINX batch coding machine official distributor in Indonesia, we have got you covered. …

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  • Feb032022
    Maintenance Linx 8300

    Industrial Coding and Marking Systems: Where to Start?

    What are Industrial Coding and Marking Systems? Coding and marking systems are made by different technologies used to result in different printings. The types that you have to choose will…

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  • Jan272022
    Linx 8900 in action

    Here’s How Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer Works

    A continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) system is used to print variable information on individual items as they move down the manufacturing line, like dates or batch codes, regardless of size,…

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  • Jan182022
    Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer

    The Best Batch Coding Machine for Your Bottle Packaging

    Since the bottle-based production sometimes necessitates enormous numbers, it will eventually need a dependable and accurate batch coding machine to avoid adding additional cost to the manufacturing process.  Batch printing…

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