What Is Batch Code Number And How To Create It?

What Is Batch Code Number And How To Create It?
February 8, 2023 Macklin Tan
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When shopping for a product, there are some things that you need to check, such as the expiration date, production date, and others. 

These numbers are essential to know whether the product is still fit for use. However, one piece of informations that is no less important in a product for you to know, especially as a businessman, is the batch number.

If you have a finished product warehouse and don’t know what a batch number is, you don’t need to worry because just by reading this article, Then, you will find out what a product batch number and production and expiration date are, batch number tracking, serial and batch number differences, as well as the use of batch numbers for your business. Come on, keep reading this article until the end, OK!

What Is The Batch Code Number?

In production and inventory, there is a term to distinguish one product from another, commonly referred to as a batch number. Often referred to as a batch code or batch ID, a batch number is a unique series of numbers assigned to several products to indicate that they will produce it together.

A batch number or code is a unique serial number usually used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and other products. Because of that, many drug batch numbers, lipstick batch numbers, and many others exist. Batch number examples facilitate the quality control process; however, batch numbers also have other benefits.

In addition to the batch number, there is another term to distinguish one product from another: serial number. As the name suggests, a serial number is a unique arrangement of numbers to distinguish one product from another. So, even though several products are produced together and have the same batch number, these products must have different serial numbers.

As previously mentioned, batch numbers are frequently encountered in pharmaceutical products such as drugs, so the function of drug batch numbers is to indicate that drugs that have a similarity in product batch numbers are drugs that we produce together. Meanwhile, serial numbers are commonly used for electronic products like cell phones, laptops, or others.

In addition to the batch number and serial number, there are two other essential codes in the production of goods: the production date and the product expiration date. The production date is usually referred to as MFG Date, which is short for Manufacturing Date, while the expiration date has many names, such as Exp Date or Expired Date, Expiry Date, Best Before, and others.

The manufacturing date or MFG Date is included in a product and indicates when produced the product. Giving the MFG Date for each product is essential because the MFG Date will determine the expiration date of the creation.

Meanwhile, the expiration date or Exp Date is the date listed on each product, indicating when the product is no longer suitable for use. If a product has passed the expiration date, it means that the product is stale and unfit for help, so it cannot be sold to customers.

How To Create a Batch Number?

You can create a batch number by entering the year of production, item code, and batch order. If you want it to be even easier, you can use sophisticated applications already on the market. 

Not only for buyers, but you can also use batch numbers to manage your warehouse management system. Although buyers rarely see the batch number, the batch number has many advantages and benefits for business people, especially warehouse owners.

The batch number can indicate whether the products were produced simultaneously, using the same materials, and in the same place. So, the batch number assigned to a product must be different, and nothing is the same. Moreover, a product is usually equipped with a batch number and a serial number, which must also be different.

This makes the batch number or serial number act as the identity of a product that distinguishes it from other products. Looking at the batch or serial number will help you differentiate between products that look the same but are different.

That’s all about the meaning of the batch code number and how to create it. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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