Why You Should Consider Linx Products for Your Batch Coding Construction

Why You Should Consider Linx Products for Your Batch Coding Construction
September 25, 2021 Macklin Tan
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Is Batch Coding Important for Construction?

Batch coding in construction is important. Why? Because safety first is still applied everywhere and in the many years that will come.

Construction project covers many aspects to make a building stand. It requires a lot of people from many departments to cooperate and work together. It needs many kinds of materials: concrete, steel, timber, aggregates, glass, plastics, wires, and others. There are many tools involved from hand tools to heavy machines.

How do many people from different departments know what is what or which is which? Labels are the key answer to this. 

Concrete is labeled for its production and strength data. Steel is labeled for its production, its length, and its use. Wires are labeled for its function, its connection to one another, and its short caution.

Could you imagine how construction site would be like if everything is without label? Try to imagine there is an outage in a new factory building. There is a lot of cables that may have caused the problem—if the cables are not labeled, how many hours would the technician take to find the trouble?

Now, contrary to that, imagine if all the wires are labeled. The technician already had inkling as to why the outage happened, he just needed to find the right cable that he suspects was the culprit. Because everything is labeled, he found the cable right away and read the caution on the wire. Now he was sure what the problem was and could determine whether he should fix it or replace it.

That is one example of how label works in construction and how important it is to have it. The next question would be:

why should you consider linx products for your batch coding construction?

Linx Products in Construction

LX3482 is your solution

Linx has been in coding for years. Many manufacturers from many sectors have proven the sustainability and linx’s remarkable ability to survive harsh environment.

Especially in construction where the environment is considered very hard, linx products have accompanied many projects. The printers linx have are sealed in the print head with an auto-flush makes sure that print heads are always clean and protected from the environment.

Linx printer body was also made from special stainless metal which is built especially dust trap free; making sure no dust will come into the machine. Knowing how construction site could have such high level of dust around, certainly this point would be advantageous.

The Coding of Construction Materials

As mentioned before, construction materials need labelling and coding for the sake or safety—and also time and cost efficiency. Each material used in construction differs in substrate and thus differ in their needs of printer batch coding specific products.

Here is a list of materials and linx technology they can use for them.


coding and marking on metal


Metal’s surface is often difficult to tag, yet it must be done. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, however, as there is Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) that you can use for labelling metal.

Linx have at least three of Thermal Transfer Overprinting products. There are Linx TT1000, Linx TT500, and Linx TT750. It is highly adhere and the tags can survive harsh environment metal must have gone through after labelling.


coding and marking on concrete


Concrete, just like metal, is fairly hard to label. As the construction projects around the world have been more demanding, every product including concrete is required to be labelled to ease the traceability of the products from the source of aggregates to the production company. Labelling concrete needs very adhesive label. 


coding and marking on wire

CIJ printer would be the best option for labeling your wire. Wire has curve (round) shape that needs non-contact printer to print label on it. As the demand for wire has skyrocketed, it is imperative that production needs speed too. CIJ suits this requirement best as you would be able to print accurately with high speed.

If you think CIJ is not enough, however, linx also has laser printer that you can choose. Laser printer is also non-contact with more details and sophisticated label than its peers.

Glass and Plastics

coding and marking on plastic glass

Linx products suitable for glass and plastics are also CIJ. Continuous inkjet printer, especially from linx, is very durable and has high accuracy even on curvy surfaces. Glass and plastics in construction usually have flat surfaces, widening the range of printer you can choose. But worse comes to worst, if the glass and plastics are curvier, CIJ is certainly the best choice.

Where to Get a Linx Printer?

logo-dsi-tagline-horizontal-2 (1)

DSI printer is constantly growing since acquiring exclusive distributorship for Linx products from Britain. Continuously increasing its share, DSI has quite the variety of Linx products you may need.

“Buy now don’t pay later” there is no hidden cost that you have to pay in the future.


If indeed you do not believe in the toughness of the machines that we have, We offers you to try the machine within a month with a cost calculation that we have calculated from the beginning whether it is in accordance with what is in the field. If so, what are your reasons for not buying it? Request Demo Now

All in All

Batch coding in construction is very important, not only for the traceability of the product, but also the safety of the people who works in construction. It is necessary, then, to label and, to an extent, choose the right printer for the tag and labels.

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