Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer is Best Compared to China Brand, Here’s Why!

Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer is Best Compared to China Brand, Here’s Why!
November 23, 2021 Macklin Tan
inkjet code printer linx 8900

How does Inkjet Batch Code Printer Works?

When you own a business such as food and beverages, cosmetics line, and pharmaceutical, you must be well-acquainted with inkjet batch code printers. 

Batch coding printer is used to print out batch code of a set of identical products that share similar production time frame and location. It’s made up of certain letters and/or numbers and are used to feature all stages of manufacturing process and distribution.

With that being said, having the best batch code printer is vital for your product traceability and recalls. Not only to ensure the product is able to pass through a supply chain safely, but also to meet the country regulation in tracing back the product to its site.

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Why Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer?

Since Covid-19 appeared, businesses have had to run different working patterns due to government guidance for social distancing. Even some staff are not allowed to go outside of the house because of their medical conditions. Not to worry, Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer has offered the technology to support you working from home while still ensuring the customers and business demand.

Self-service capability

inkjet cloud system connected with phone to print code on glass jar

The inkjet batch code printer from Linx is designed with a cloud-based service to allow you control the printer wherever you are and at any time. In other words, you can keep track of the production without even going to the production floor.

This technology helps you to keep the production line running. Though you’re not close to the machine, you would be alerted if any line stops printing.

Best for Clear and Fast Print-outs

output rate detail of inkjet code printer

By the amount of batch coding technology it has to offer globally, Inkjet Batch Code Printer is simply the best one to print out codes in the most clear and fastest way.

Its superior quality printing and quick-change fluid cartridges makes the code or lot number placed onto the products in bold characters as well as wide color range.

Thanks to its IP rating, this machine is reliable enough to print at the highest speed compared to the competitor’s brand. Linx CIJ Printers are able to operate printings up to 6.2 meters per second, while other brands only print out 280 meters per minute.

Simple and Lightweight Design

inkjet code printer linx 8800

Comes with the simplicity and lightweight design, you can install and operate the machine easily by reading through the on-screen guides. Hence, even the entry-level coders are proficient in operating the printer. 

On the other hand, little did you know that the batch code printer from China Brand even weights out for 38 kg approximately. 

Effective in cost

cij printer effective in cost

Outsourcing the printing projects for your business means checking your finances. But CIJ Printer will be an investment as it eliminates the waiting times for the finished products and improves your company workflows. 

The CIJ Printer is capable of avoiding any printing process stoppage. With the advanced features and quality, it doesn’t need high maintenance so you won’t have to keep spending extra money for the machine itself.

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Best durability

print head of inkjet code printer

Long-lasting printers become an essential information for the public due to the increase in environmental issues. By any means, sustainable packaging materials matter for them.

Considering this, picking the right batch code printer will be your best solution as it offers you a wide variety of packaging materials that makes it able to be printed on any packaging surface or even manufactured goods.

Trusted and Consistent Brand 

linx logo

Linx has committed to developing thoughtful design to help customers meet their needs in terms of coding and marking. Stretching back from the very start in 1987, the company is constantly growing and expanding which products are now sold in 92 countries. Linx continuously proving their dedication as a growing brand with the accomplishment of 8 awards in total;

  • In 2018, Linx got Overall Growth in Exports Award from Cambridgeshire Chambers of  Commerce Global Business Awards
  • In 2012, Linx got Winners of the PPMA Award for the Most Innovative Processing and Packaging Machine
  • In 2007 and 2008, Linx got Danaher award for category of Europe’s most improved plant
  • In 2006, Linx got Finalist in DBA (Design Business Association’s) for the category of Design Effectiveness Award for the 4900
  • And several awards in the earlier years from PPMA Robert King Medal, Prince of Wales, and Queen Award.

Other than that, Linx has also achieved two certifications that turns them into a trusted brand

First of all, Linx has FM 14409 certificate which says that Linx succeed in creating a System of Quality Management under  ISO 9001:2015 for the design manufacture and inks.

Last but not definitely not least, Linx holds an EMS 57278 certificate that shows a fulfillment in operating a system of Environmental Management under BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

Now that we have walked you through several reasons to pick Linx Inkjet Batch Code Printer over other China’s brand printers. If you’re still in a hunt for a thoughtful Inkjet Batch Code Printer, get in touch with us today!

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