5 Top Date Coding Machine of 2022 for Your Beverage Business

5 Top Date Coding Machine of 2022 for Your Beverage Business
December 28, 2021 Macklin Tan
enhance your brand with good quality batch coding machine

Date coding is critical for all products, especially for beverages. It is significant not only because it clarifies a product’s manufacture date, but also because it offers accurate information about the product’s expiration date. 

To guarantee safety and security to their customers, all food and beverage enterprises must share this information correctly and effectively. That is why a date coding machine is one of the essential tools in a beverage business. Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), or Thermal Transfer Overprinter are the most appropriate code printers for your beverage product (TTO). Those printers are the most common in the beverage industry, but the packaging of your product determines what type of printer you should use. 

Here are five date coding machines that we recommend for your packaging


1. Linx 8830 Series Continuous Ink Jet

Link continuous Ink Jet 8800 thumbnail

The Linx 8830 Series Continuous Ink Jet printer produces reliable, error-free date and batch codes, lowering your total cost of ownership and increasing your production line output. It can print up to three lines of logos, text, numbers, barcodes, and on a single sheet of paper. Simple self-service with up to a 12-month interval between services — no engineer is necessary, and only 0.5 liters of ink are changed. As little as 3.5ml of solvent each hour*

It offers excellent programming capabilities. With an icon-filled screen, drag-and-drop field arrangement, and a zoom capability for lengthy messages, this printer makes customizing printing a breeze. You can also use a custom date and time editor to generate other date formats. On the screen, it displays real-time output measurement as well as line stoppage and output data. The screen saver displays an on/off target indication in real-time. The top screen can be customized to show the most commonly used features.

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This printer also has a USB connector for transferring messages between printers, copying and backing up message and printer settings, and downloading line stoppage and output logs. It can also store up to 1000 messages.


2. Linx 8920 Continuous Ink Jet

linx cij 8920

The Linx 8920 CIJ printer offers their key benefits, which include flexible coder with 5-line coding, data Matrix and QR code printing capability, 50 named line settings for error-free code settings selection, high line speed up to 6.25m/s as standard, extended service intervals up to 18,000hrs/24 months, large color touch-screen for quick and simple code setup, simple self-service and quick-change fluid cartridges and unique system monitoring to help avoid unscheduled stoppages.


3. Linx 8940 Continuous Ink Jet

linx cij 8940

The Linx 8940 is a CIJ printer from the Linx 8900 series that makes coding easier. This printer is almost similar to Link 8920, yet it is built for the most demanding coding situations, with an IP65 rating and quicker printing speeds (up to 16 percent faster than the Linx 8920). Other benefits this printer offers are mostly the same as the Link 8920.

The Linx 8940’s wide touch screen interface also makes code generation simple, while the self-servicing module, unique system monitoring, and click-into-place fluid cartridges save downtime. 

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4. Linx TT 750

contact printer with thermal tranfer overprinter

The Linx TT 750 is a basic thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) that is perfect for coding areas up to 53mm x 200mm on flexible fabrics such as bags, labels, pouches, and flow wrap.

It has a number of advantages, including a lightweight, simple, push-button on ribbon cassette system for easy and quick ribbon changes, optimized ribbon usage with bi-directional stepper motors that deliver more prints per ribbon, and a large selection of ribbons to better meet your application and production line printing needs. Simple cassette system also minimizes errors during ribbon replacements. 

Linx TT 750 offers several user maintainable parts that can be replaced easily. It could operate with no compressed air, operating costs and lowering installation while maintaining consistent quality with electronic pressure control and a color touch screen, it’s simple to adjust and maintain print quality. Fewer mistakes and a smoother operation



MARK 1 – ULTRA is a small and compact Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printer with a single bracket and built-in product detector that is easy to set up on your line. With easy-to-use message creation software and speedy operation via a simple push-button panel, you can get started printing right away. There is no need for extensive training or setup. It’s also simple to swap the cartridges. There’s no need for ink refills, and there’s no need for service, so you’ll save time and money.

The MARK 1 – ULTRA was created to give a simple and economical printing solution without the high costs associated with a “one size fits all” printer. For small or medium production volumes, there are no maintenance costs and a low cost per print* (compared to labels). Makes it a suitable date coding machine for your business. Click here to see more various series of Markcom TIJ

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