Linx Printer: The Best Expiry Date Batch Code Printer for Your Business

Linx Printer: The Best Expiry Date Batch Code Printer for Your Business
November 4, 2021 Macklin Tan
In Coding and Marking Industry
linx 7900 for Expiry Date Batch Code Printer

Why Batch code printer for expiry date is important for your products

Expiry date is probably the most important piece of information you have to put on your product. Linx batch code printer is one tool example that will deliver this message accurately with high speed. 

Expiry date is important because it carries the time period during which the product will remain stable. Stable products mean it retains its quality when it is stored according to the storage condition.

Why good it is needed

There are several potential harms that may occur from taking expired food, beverages, or medicines. Expired products are likely to have degraded from the original quality it was packed in, yielding certain toxic compounds that will likely make your stomach upset at the very least to getting food poisoning.

Expired drugs hold even more fatal risk if you take it, causing unwanted side effects from mild to severe. 

Accurate and clear expiry date is needed. While it is not ruled in any law, it is a cultural consciousness among consumers that expiry date is important.

This is also why you need to use a good batch code printer for the expiry date of your products. Among a lot of good printers, Linx is one of the best products you can find in the market.

Understanding expiry dates

There are a few expiry date types available on any market. Depending on what products your business is focused on, you may need one of these expiry date types.

Sell-by date

marking sell by date on snack bars

Sell-by date is used for the store owners or managers to know when their products should be removed from the shelves. 

Consumers are expected to know how long the products can be consumed after the sale-by date. For instance, eggs are good for consumption for 3 to 5 weeks after the sell-by date. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cream are good for 1 week after the date.

Other products that usually have this sell-by date are lunch meat and salad mixes.

Best if used by date

best if used date coding on can

This is intended for food or products that have a degradation of flavor and quality after a certain period of time. Best if used by date inform buyers that the products should be consumed before the date, otherwise the flavor or the quality of the products may change. It doesn’t mean they can’t eat it after the date. The food isn’t spoiled yet. However, this is regarding quality.

Products that need this type of date label are canned goods, cookies, spices, and crackers.

Use-by date

use by date coding on smoke beef packaging

Use by date is the same with best if used by date. Your product may be good past the use-by date, but it will hold a different taste, albeit slightly. 

With proper storage, products long after use-by date can still be consumed. Compromised packages that have holes, bulges, or dents are the ones you should avoid in these products.

Expiration date

expiration date on sandwich packaging

Expiration date is set because a product may not function the same after the date listed on the label. Some products may even lead to a bigger problem.

For example, medication may have unknown side effects if taken after the expiration date. Depending on how strong the med is, the more dangerous it is if consumed or taken after the expiration date.

Some other general products can also have these strict rules. They are infant formula, cake mix, pectin, and baby food.

Quality assurance date

Quality assurance date on food products

These products are chosen for products that may lose some flavor or texture in a certain point of time. This certain time, however, is so long, that quality is often questioned, thus the quality assurance date exists.

Products using this date may be boxed soups, cereal, mayonnaise, and peanut butter.

Knowing full well, how important expiry date is, it is imperative to also pay attention to your printing tool to earn the best possible result. Batch coder for dates, especially from Linx, is speedy, accurate, and easy to operate.

Batch code printer uses automatic system or semi-automatic machine for printing. Dates and other codes that needed to be printed on a packaging only need to be inputted, and all further calculation of what batch to what number is automatically changes.

Linx batch coding machine

three products from link marking and coding printer

Linx batch coding machines are designed to print durable and clear batch numbers, be it labels or expiry dates. It can print onto manufacturer products and packaging.

The models linx provided are mostly with touch screen so you can easily operate it. The program used is user friendly, and you can reprogram it as conveniently as possible with your company’s regulation. 

As for environment concern, it is not a problem. Linx has manufacturing environment in mind ever since its establishment, thus the machines are dust and water resistant. 

Linx has the best batch code printer that can conveniently suits your company environment, culture, and regulation. Be your company is a food and beverage manufacturer or medicine manufacturer.

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