The Primacy of Powerful Expiry Date Printer from Linx

The Primacy of Powerful Expiry Date Printer from Linx
December 15, 2021 Macklin Tan
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Expiry Date Printer from Linx to Ease Product Labeling

Releasing a product to the market takes a lot of preparation. Not only about the product’s quality but also about labeling. You have to label the product with some important information. One example that is very important for a product is an expired label. The powerful expiry date printer from Linx will make the labeling process become easier and faster. Here we will discuss more about this high quality printer.



LX1540 is made for speed in coding and marking printer

This kind of printer is very flexible because you can set the code prints up to 3 lines of text. Also, you can set the printer into 3 lines of numbers and barcodes or logos. There are various types of code that you can print through this printer. So it will be very easy for you to label the expired date in your product. 

You will find that this printer is very easy to use. It serves you the flexibility of printing various types of code. Also, the printed character sizes are very flexible so you can fit it with the size of the product. It’s very simple to insert the text or logos into the printer so you can print it in the product.


Good Performance

The expiry date printer from Linx has a very good performance. You will find this primacy when you use this printer on your own. The printer has a minimum maintenance time and downtime. You can mention that it rarely experiences errors. That’s why this tool can increase productivity in your business.

There is a very easy self-service with up to 1 year between services. Actually it doesn’t need special treatment because there is no engineer required. You just need to change the 0,5 liters of ink in the printer. It’s very recommended for your business because you don’t need to waste more time on the maintenance of the coding machine.


Available in Various Series

three products of linx inkjet printer

When you look for an expiry date labeling printer, Linx will give you some excellent series. People can choose the one series that is suitable for their needs. Every series has their own specification but of course all of them have a similarity in their primacy. Choose the one that has a good feature that fits well with your needs. 

For example there are Linx 8920, 8940, and 7900 series. All of them give you an easy way to label your product, especially for labeling the expired date. So this printer will be a perfect tool to be used in various products because they are available in many types. 


Easy to Upgrade


Several types of printers from Linx offer an easy way to upgrade. Depending on your business development, you need to upgrade the product and the labeling style may change. That’s why you should do some upgrades in the printer’s setting. The one printer type that will give you an easy upgrade is the Linx 5900 series. The upgrade process is very simple and you can fit it with the requirements change.


Improve Production Efficiency

The use of this printer will help you to improve production efficiency. You know that in the business industry, you should maintain your production process to be more effective and efficient. That’s why you need to use a very powerful expiry date printer. It will simplify the production methods and make your product served faster to the market.

You may find a lot of printers for labeling but Linx gives you the best quality products. It’s not only easy to use and maintain but also gives a very good label appearance. This is a very good point for you to amaze your customer with the good label appears on the product.


Produce Clear Labels

batch coding on two plastic bottle

This printer has a very high quality in labeling. When you set the label or code in this printer and print it in the product, you will find a very clear label. We all know that this label is very important for the customer. Labeling is the way to tell the customer about important information from a product. 

In this case, the printer is used for labeling an expired date. This information is really important because people can’t use an expired date. It will be very dangerous if they use a product that has expired. So, the clear label of the expired date will be very useful for the customer. 



With all of the primacy that served to you, this product is offered at a very affordable price. Linx offers you a very good quality printer that you can easily get and use immediately. It will help your business grow faster because your product quality increases well with a good labeling method.

This powerful expiry date printer from Linx is very recommended for you. It’s affordable and has a long durability. Once you spend your money to buy this product, you will find a lot of advantages and find out that it’s the best choice for your business.


Where to Get a Linx Printer?

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