MARK 1 – S

MARK 1 – S

Markcom Mark-1S TIJ Printer is our best-selling TIJ printer with Printing height up to 12.5 with printing speed up to 120m/s. Markcom Mark-1S is equipped with 5 inches touch screen display with direct on-screen settings and message creation.

Printer features :

  1. Built with aviation Aluminium anodize for more robust casing.
  2. Support for barcode and 2D code printing with rapid change.
  3. Multi language system and multi-language printing.
  4. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) design.
  5. Compatible with all Markcom Ink Cartridges.
  6. Added support for communication protocol with other device (E.g. Checkweigher) via RS232 serial communication

Download PDF MARK 1 – S


Specification :

  • Panel Control: 5” color touch screen
  • User Interface: SimpIe – user friendly UI
  • Operating SysEem: Emdedded Linux operating system
  • Hardware: American TI AM3358 industrial grade CPU/USA Xilinx Spant6 industr ial ‹jra‹Ie FPGA/TU ‹lerlicated ASIC chip
  • Communication Interface: USB/RJ45 to RS23Z
  • External Interface: Photocell (Included)
    Optional: -Encoder/reverse inverting control-Tower Light Indicator
  • Print Engine: TU Technology
  • Message Store Capacity: Up to 1000
  • Multi-Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Danish.
  • Indicator: Display alarm indicator.
  • Print Resolution: Resolution up to 600 x 600 DPI I vertical: 100DPI, 150DP I, 30ODPI, 600DPI, Ians cape: 30 600DPI precision adjustment).
  • Print Density: 1 to 6 one-Iouch c!ensi t y.
  • Print Speed: 406m/90DPI, 304m1Z ODPI, 240m/150 DPI, 120m/300DPI,
    6Om/600DPI. (m ul ti-rjroup var iahle data ultra -high speecl response printin‹ )
  • Print Distance: Z – 4 mm.
  • Print Height: 12,7 mm (O,5”) Variable adjust able font size and lines.
  • Print Capability: Alpha numeric, ‹late, time, month code, week corle, alpha hours, counter, logos.
  • Barcodes: 0R Code, Data Matrix, EANB, EAN12, Code128, Code39, UPC A, UPCE.
  • Nozzle Type: Thermally foam able head TI J2.5.
  • Ink Various: Water based, Solvent based.
  • Catridge Chip: Non contact R FID, automatic iclentif ication and r ecor rling ink .
  • Elective Requirements: Power adaper 100-240 V AC input, J2V 3A DC outpuI.
  • Working Environtment: Temperature of 0 45 °C / humidity of 30 7 0% Rh.
  • Weipht: 800rjr.
  • Dimensions: 138( L) x 87 (W) x 36 (H) mm.
  • Mounting Orientation: Side Horizontal) Downside .
  • Printhead F’lountinp: Anti Shock Mechanism.
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