Coding and Marking: Ways to Optimize Efficiencies in Every Kinds of Product

Coding and Marking: Ways to Optimize Efficiencies in Every Kinds of Product
April 7, 2022 Macklin Tan
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Why Do Manufacturers Need Coding and Marking to Optimize Efficiencies?

Manufacturer has many employees, one of the divisions is the production lines. This special division has tough and several tasks, such as to maximize the amount of the product that can be processed, build the product, assemble them, and even package every product in every hour.

Not only do they have great responsibilities in producing the main product of the brand, but also they need to be careful or else an error would suffer them. Production lines are not designed for any people who long for comfort, otherwise it is to optimize efficiencies in the manufacturer.

Due to the hard job descriptions, every task on production lines should run smoothly and keep a minimum of possibilities on the downtime. However, the environment in the production division is somehow extreme and everyone needs to adapt with it. 

For instance, a place for coding and marking has no place for transferring the thermal. The inkjet printing machine will run continuously even if the inkjet or CIJ finds it hard to run.

Furthermore, here are the explanations of how Linx Continuous Inkjet Printers face the challenge of every condition.

How to Optimize Coding and Marking in Thermal Temperature?

Several production facilities are provided by the extreme temperature, yet it is normal. However, some products might find difficulties on the ink if they are being coded or marked in a warm temperature.

The ink problem appears due to the solvent-based ink which is mostly used to mark on non-porous surfaces is evaporating quickly, even in the low temperatures.

What Happens to Coding and Marking on Cold Drinks?

Not only the problems appear on production with rising temperature, but lower temperature faces a different challenge. Some of the frozen food industry and bottling plants in the beverage industry face condensation.

It happens while the surface of the water builds up on the cool surface on the packaging, the ink is hard to attach. The solution of this problem in order to optimize efficiency is employing an ink with high-adhesion. 

Manufacturer will need an ink that has special formulation for this environment. It has to apply the expiry dates and other marks quickly and reliably on the packaging surfaces despite the condensation.

Find inkjet printers which are designed to use a wide range of inks that can be used for several environments.

What Happens to Powdery Manufacturers?

The division of the production line should always keep the cleanliness. Some manufacturers which deal with powdered materials such as flour and coffee to cement have a challenge with dust.

This tiny airborne particle mingles with the solvent-based ink and is able to clog a CIJ printer or system in the labeling rapidly. Unless the manufacturer has a specific measurement in place to prevent it, the problem would appear as always. 

To overcome these dusty environments, manufacturers need to use specialist inkjet models which use pressurized printhead technology like the one we had.

This solution would be able to prevent the interference of the dust. Furthermore, this efficiency optimization might seal back the panel of the cabinet and house the ventilation to prevent dust’s ingress. 

Will the System of Coding and Marking Waterproof?

Sometimes the system of coding and marking must be a waterproof one. However, there is a consideration key for food manufacturers. For instance, these industrial manufacturers must be able to keep hygiene and cleanliness at several levels.

The waterproof issue comes due to the regular deep-cleaning of the environment of the production line. Especially when there is any coding and marking system within. 

Each shift of the production line which includes coding and marking systems would flow a lot of water. Furthermore, manufacturers should use a continuous inkjet printer which is able to seal every unit and the regular cleaning would be done according to the schedule.

The sealtronic technology of continuous inkjet printers would start the coding and marking system after washing down rapidly.

To Conclude

Coding and marking system has challenges in every kind of environment. To optimize the efficiencies, manufacturers need to analyze the real problem and try to find a solution. For rise temperature, manufacturers will need a less solvent-based ink so that the mark would not evaporate easily.

While cold manufacturers must provide a special ink which would attach every coding and marking rapidly due to the condensation issue. The powdery manufacturer will need a special inkjet that will prevent any dust interference. Furthermore, manufacturers have to give more attention in order to solve any problems left in the coding and marking systems.

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