5 Things You Need to Know About the System of Industrial Coding and Marking Printer

5 Things You Need to Know About the System of Industrial Coding and Marking Printer
August 5, 2021 Macklin Tan
LX3529 is versatile means able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions

Coding and Marking Printer and its Essential Role

Codes, labels, and marking in products are vital to various industry sectors. It bears the essential information needed by consumers and the body of the manufacturers. It is also needed to abide by the law.

Food and drink products, for example, identification codes and relevant dates help the consumers to be certain of the safety and the authenticity of the product they are going to consume. For the manufacturers, including batch numbers and barcodes will protect their supply chain from any counterfeit product and add to the traceability.

As important as it is, coding and marking printers in the process of making products need to be carefully chosen. Printing coding and marking would be greatly affected first by the material or the substrate on which you put your marks. 

There are two methods you can use to print your label, either by contact or non-contact by using inkjet or laser to print codes. The latter, however, has been dominating the manufacturing process in many industries for its low-cost ownership.

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What You Should Consider 

Even so, what is the right printer that would fit your products? Here are several factors that you need to consider before choosing your very own coding and marking tool.

1. Material and Substrate

date and batch code marking on glass bottle surrounding with ices

As mentioned, the type of material of a product affects the coding and marking process since it will determine the type of ink or even the type of printer used. Some ink has more adhesive quality and the porosity of the surface will affect how well the ink will stick itself.

Cold Surfaces

Other than the substrate of the surface, you should also consider condensation from the content of the packaging. Cold drinks and the frozen food industry, for example, will probably get some water on the surface, making ink not adhere well to the package. For this particular case, of course, you would need high-adhesion ink even though the material of the package previously doesn’t require it.

2. The Shape of the Printing Object

batch and date coding on some cosmetics product

batch and date coding on some cosmetics product

Coding and marking printers have two main types, non-contact and contact. With a flat surface, you can use either machine that needs contact with the object or one that does not. With a surface that has more curvatures, on the other hand, it would be best to be labeled using a non-contact machine.

Inkjet printers and lasers are the two most popular non-contact printers as of now. Both can print on a large range of surface types and have several different printer options for different substrates. Between the two, inkjet is preferable, however, seeing as it is more cost-effective. Laser printer produces a higher quality result, but it surely costs more to own.

3. Environmental Conditions

chemical manufacturing environment

The environment of the manufacturing will affect the durability of your printer, thus you should consider the best printer that fits yours. Some factories like a plant areas need to be wet-cleaned every day. Others like coffee or another powdery substance factory may have more dust particles in the air.

These environmental conditions will determine how versatile you want your printer to be. In some cases, you may even need to put on additional protection yourself to enhance its endurance. It will require regular checks and clean-ups, so make sure you are up for the printer maintenance requirement for the printer you want to buy.

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4. Speed and Downtime

Close up change solvent on linx 8940 and linx 8920

The process to change solvent on Linx 8920 and Linx 8940

In many aspects of the manufacturing process, speed is the symbol of efficiency. Speed shows the use of manufacturing technology is optimized. Wastage is pressed to its least, and thus it reduces the cost of raw materials. Your printer needs to be able to adapt to your manufacturing speed. 

On the other end, the downtime of your printer would also affect the speed of your coding and marking process. Can your factory afford a long idle time? Does your factory require little downtime? 

There are a lot of options in the market for coding and marking printers. Choose well based on its speed and downtime too!

5. Print Quality


Printing quality has come a long way since its first discovery in the Gutenberg era. As of now, there is plenty of coding and marking technology that has high-quality in-store. You can pick one that will go well with your product material. Though, of course, a laser printer will probably be a top chart in this category with its precise nature and its speed.

Selecting the Right Printer

In the end, you have to answer the questions to it all: what material are you printing on? How is your factory environment? What is the speed you need? What quality do you need to print for your products?

After all of this is answered and done, choosing the right provider is your next step. DSI printer provides a range of coding and marking printers for your factory needs from continuous and thermal inkjet printers to handy labeling machines. Not only that, having in-house design and workshop, it is even possible for you to make customization and integration.

“Buy now don’t pay later” there is no hidden cost that you have to pay in the future.


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