Know These 4 Things Before You Buy a Batch Code Printer!

Know These 4 Things Before You Buy a Batch Code Printer!
December 22, 2021 Macklin Tan
date and batch code marking on beverages

When your business involves selling a mass production, then you’ll need a product tracking code. Batch code is a term used to describe this type of coding. The batch code tells you when, where, and which factory produces the items. When a product has a quality problem, we use batch numbers to track down the source of the problem and stop selling it. In this instance, a batch code printer will certainly be a required tool for your business. 


1. Find the batch code printer most suitable to your company’s budget

two people coordinate in manufacture

It’s worth noting that advanced features can be more expensive. The hand-held marking, for example, if your printer of choice offers a less expensive price compared to other printers, it may perform a manual labeling product process and may slow down your packaging process. If you prioritize speed, the upfront investments may be important in this situation.

The cost of a batch coding system differs considerably based on the number of machines, the number of products that need to be coded, and the type of technology used. In the end, a balance must be established between the cost of initial setup, the amount of codes required, and the cost of operating a system over time.

As a result, it’s critical to create a comprehensive financial strategy for all divisions in your company so that you can see the big picture of what has to be prioritized.


2. Identify the most applicable coding and marking option that best meets your production requirements

Batch coding machines are used in a variety of industries to apply codes and data to a wide range of items and packaging. Other factors, such as the speed of the production line and the factory environment, will also influence which machine is appropriate for a particular application. As a result, knowing which type works best for you is critical. There are some printer types you should know:

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printer

Linx 8900 Date coding on Plastic bottle

Linx 8900 date code on plastic bottle

With its non-contact printing technology, the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) system is utilized to print a variety of information on flat or curved surfaces. This printer has a wide range of inks that may be used to print on practically any surface.

The following are the key benefits of continuous inkjet:

  • It is ideal for coding applications on uneven surfaces.
  • Capable of coding at a high rate
  • It is not necessary to come into physical contact with the product.
  • Ink and make-up can be changed independently and efficiently.
  • Low cost printing.


Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printer

Thermal Inkjet Printer Mark 1-Ultra Body

The Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) system is a high-resolution printing device that specializes in printing barcodes and labels. This printer has a user-friendly interface and requires little maintenance.

The following are the key benefits of thermal inkjet printers:

  • It can be used in a wide range of manufacturing settings.
  • Prints with a high resolution
  • Operating costs are low

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Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

contact printer with thermal tranfer overprinter

The Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) is a printer designed for printing over flat surfaces. This type of printer is ideal for printing barcodes and logos on plastics, film packaging, labels, gloss cards, and other flexible materials.

The following are the key benefits of thermal transfer overprinter:

  • It’s a safe technology that may be employed in a variety of manufacturing settings and conditions.
  • Change text information, font sizes, and styles with ease.
  • Prints in great quality and supports a wide range of image formats, including graphics and barcodes.
  • It has the ability to print on huge areas at once and on a variety of packaging materials.

Labeling Machine

LMH6000 labeling machine

Labeling machines are designed to apply labels and stickers with high precision. It offers an automated speed follow up that can be synchronized automatically with any variable speed by using AC servo motor and encoder system.

The following are the key benefits of Labeling machine:

  • are used in many range of industries, from cosmetics, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.
  • High Accuracy Labeling position.
  • low operational cost.

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3. Examine the flexibility and durability of the printer you choose

flexibility and durability of linx printer

Flexibility is a critical aspect in getting the best printer. It’s critical to select a coding and marking printer with long-term adaptability. It means the printer can handle a wide range of packaging materials, designs, and locations. Sustainable packaging, for example, is becoming more popular as people become more conscious of environmental issues.

It’s also worth noting the prints’ and the machine’s long-term viability. Make sure the prints last because they often contain important information for customers, such as expiration dates and scannable codes. Because some prints are sensitive to particular elements, such as oil or cream, you must ensure that the machine you choose can handle them.


4. Make sure the brand is reliable and find its authorized dealer

logo-dsi-tagline-horizontal-2 (1)

Choosing a reputable brand in the business, such as Linx technology. Brands that have already established a positive reputation adhere to image-protecting strategies. They consistently deliver excellence and quality that meets or exceeds ideal standards, ensuring that your money is safe with them.

“Buy now don’t pay later” there is no hidden cost that you have to pay in the future.


Since being the exclusive authorized dealer for Linx goods, DSI Printer has grown. This brand has a solid reputation in the industry of coding and marking. Furthermore, DSI Printer offers a number of batch code printer alternatives, including an inkjet printer, as well as a marking, labeling, and coding machine.

If indeed you do not believe in the toughness of the machines that we have, We offer you to try the machine within a month with a cost calculation that we have calculated from the beginning whether it is in accordance with what is in the field. If so, what are your reasons for not buying it? Request Demo Now


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