DSI Product Review: Inkjet Batch Code Printer for Cosmetics

DSI Product Review: Inkjet Batch Code Printer for Cosmetics
January 12, 2022 Macklin Tan
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Batch coding (sometimes referred to as lot coding) is an important aspect of traceability. The code is defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as “a distinct designated fraction of a batch that is uniform and intended to meet standards for identity, purity, and composition.” 

Many producers equipped inkjet batch code printers for their batch coding solution. Producers in a variety of industries must ensure that their batch numbers or lot codes are readable and consistent, as rules continue to strengthen to safeguard customers. 

Inkjet Batch Code Printer for Cosmetics

batch printing on Cosmetics and Toiletries products

Cosmetics manufacturers frequently produce a diverse range of products in a diverse range of package formats. Size polarization from small travel size or sample pots to bigger, economical packs, unique branding to gain distinctiveness in an increasingly crowded market, or catering for aged populations needing adapted packaging such as easy-grip containers all impact the diversity of packaging. 

The coding solution for cosmetic products should be able to adapt to a wide range of packaging formats. That is why the continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers are mostly used in this production. Without affecting code quality, CIJ printers can code in any direction – upwards, for example on the underside of sideways, downwards, or aerosols. Individual items are printed with variable information, like batch or date codes, as they pass through the production line, regardless of size, porosity, texture, or shape.


Linx CIJ Printers

three products from link marking and coding printer

One of the most used printers by the cosmetic manufacturer is Linx CIJ printers. They offer adaptable, cost-effective solutions that deliver a quality code and full traceability across a wide range of pack forms and material kinds, allowing producers to suit their customers’ expectations while still complying with regulations and lowering total production costs.  

Linx Printing Technologies offer an efficient and cost-effective solution compared to similar printers on the market, with concealed, easy-to-clean printheads, error-free touch-screen control, and simple self-service capability.

 One of the most popular products is the Linx 8900 series. Linx PrinterNet and touchscreen monitors are highlighted as their key strengths. Linx PrinterNet is a remote connectivity solution that allows you to monitor and control your printer from any location. Their Smartphone-inspired screen allows for speedier message creation, selection, and printing than ever before. Production uptime is increased with self-service and little intervention. With only one printer, you can print on both primary and secondary packaging.


Review of Linx 8900 Series for Cosmetic Product Printing Solution

Linx 8900 in action

The Linx 8900 series has a printing capacity of up to 6 lines of numbers, text, barcodes, or symbols. It can also be used to make data matrices and QR codes. From 1.8mm to 20mm, the character height was printed. Printing speeds of up to 9.10m/s are possible. It has the ability to do carton coding with a character height of up to 20mm. It can also print rotating characters (known as ‘tower’ printing).

The Linx 8900 series contains a screen with icons that allows you to drag-and-drop field positioning and also has a zoom option for longer messages in terms of programming features. You can also use a custom date and time editor to generate other date formats.

The Linx 8900 series has a USB connector for transferring and backing up message and printer settings. It also makes it simple to send and receive messages as well as retrieve output and line stoppage logs between printers. You can save up to 1000 messages.

On the screen, you can observe the output measurement in real time, as well as the output and line stoppage logs. The screen saver indicates if the target is on or off in real time. You may also quickly personalize the top screen to include the most commonly used functions.

See More Our Linx 8900 Series

It has a 10″ color touch screen, stainless steel enclosure, IP55 (washdown) as standard, and 2m conduit as standard, with 4m and 6m conduit options. It weighs about 24 kg. There’s no need for factory air. It contains an Ethernet port as well as RS232 and Parallel I/O interfaces for simpler line equipment interfacing.

From those specifications, we can conclude some main benefits that make this product is a suitable inkjet batch code printer for cosmetic coding solutions:

  1. They have Linx PrinterNet, a secure, cloud-based service, provides remote connectivity to access, monitor, and control Linx 8900 printers as well as remote technical help.
  2. Up to 6 lines of text, numbers, barcodes, and logos can be printed on the flexible coder.
  3. No engineer is required for simple self-service with up to two years between services.
  4. Fluid cartridges can be changed quickly.
  5. Standard stainless steel enclosure is IP55, with IP65 as an option.
  6. Line stoppage logs and real-time output measurement
  7. A wide variety of ink types and colors are available.
  8. Batch printing with date freezing is excellent for operations that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  9. Variable character spacing increases recognition by the vision system.
  10. It provides prompts to ensure that the correct date and text are entered.
  11. It’s simple to add text or logos to messages.

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