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The pharmaceutical and health industry is an industry that never dies, and the demand for its products is constantly increasing from year to year. This industry certainly requires a printer to print packaging labels for pharmaceutical or health products. For example, labels for packaging hand sanitizers, disinfectants, or patient bracelets in hospitals. The pharmaceutical industry also usually produces health needs, such as alcohol, wound cleaning fluid, and so on. The packaging of these products absolutely requires a label with good durability.

Another example is about resilience. Pharmaceutical and health products usually require a special place with a certain temperature. So the packaging labels also need to be waterproof, chemical liquids, and extreme temperatures.

Well, manufacturers of pharmaceutical and health needs of course a special label printer to fulfill this. Pharmaceutical manufacturers require legible codes on their products, such as production codes, expiration dates, and more. It is absolutely necessary for a printer with high speed and versatility to print various codes. In addition, pharmaceutical manufacturers need printers with less downtime and lower costs.

For that, you need a Linx continuous inkjet, coding, and marking machine to do batch coding, expiration date, and others. Don’t worry because this product has high speed, and minimizes downtime. With fast-drying and high-quality ink, of course, the results of our products will last a long time. Suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry. CIJ LINX Printer will provide the right solution to your Pharmaceutical Industry. For fast printers and coders across a wide range of products.

LINX’s versatility can also be relied on for your production line and makes integration of your products much faster than using other products. LINX has a design to provide coding results with the best prints, high speed but still high quality. Perfect choice, isn’t it? This printer is able to work optimally for printing small codes and marking. The ink used is also food grade, so it is safe and suitable for the pharmaceutical products you produce. This printers also help lower your production costs and minimize ink waste to ensure that your costs are efficient. Make sure your pharmaceutical manufacturer gets the best solutions and technology for coding your products.

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Our coding machines recommendation for pharmaceutical industry

Linx 8940 CIJ

Linx 8940 series

The Linx 8940 is part of the Linx 8900 range of CIJ printers which make your coding life easier. With its IP65 rating and highest printing speeds (up to 16% faster than the Linx 8920), the Linx 8940 is designed for the most challenging coding applications.

Linx 8830 series

Reliable continuous ink jet printer with up to 3-line coding capability. Designed to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your production line output, the Linx 8830 CIJ printer delivers consistent, error-free date and batch codes.

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